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Throughout the years InvestComics has explained that there is something within the speculative/collectors market that is just as important as the first appearance of a character. A characters second appearance is not only a fun get, but sometimes very affordable. Sometimes not, therein is the chance to make your decision as an investor to jump in or not. We cannot make that decision for you, nor would we. We will simply guide you and the rest is up to you.

….and we implore you, please read or know the disclaimer before reading on. Thank you.

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Journey Into Mystery #84 (1962) – Here’s the second Thor appearance. Cover credits; Jack Kirby/Joe Sinnott. Stan Lee writes. Also the first appearance of Jane Foster.

Flash #147 (1964) – With Zoom (Reverse Flash) doing so well on the television series, it would be a nice get right here with his second appearance.

Amazing Spider-Man #38 (1966) – Mary Jane’s second appearance. It also happens to be the last Steve Ditko issue.

Strange Tales #127 (1964) – InvestComics informed readers many years ago about the first appearance of villain Dormammu before the Doctor Strange movie ever came to fruition. Here is the second appearance.

Amazing Spider-Man 38 InvestComics
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Flash 147 InvestComics
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Journey Into Mystery 84 InvestComics
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Strange Tales 127 InvestComics
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Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (1964) – Here’s another villain InvestComics touched upon as well, but still hasn’t come to light……yet. Check out Mysterio’s second appearance right here. This comic is also the first appearance of the Sinister Six.

New Mutants #88 (1990) – Cable will be hitting the big screen eventually. We all know his first appearance, here’s his second.

Strange Tales #111 (1963) – The Doctor Strange movie will be huge. Once again InvestComics gave readers a heads up way before the movie was ever spoken about, but now we’re letting you know that since the first appearance is out of reach a bit, why not go for a second appearance? Also the first appearance of Baron Mordo and Asbestos Man.

Daredevil #2 (1964) – This comic has TWO second appearances. First; the Daredevil Netflix series is hot hot hot. No telling where they will go with this character. Will there be a reboot movie with the current actor Charlie Cox? It would be a first within the comic book movie industry (modern) for a television superhero actor to make the leap. It seems fitting that Charlie Cox would make that leap to the big screen. Daredevil’s second appearance was in the second issue of his self titled book. A great book to own. This comic also holds the second appearance of Electro! A 4.5 graded on Ebay right now at $149 is a fantastic buy.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1
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Daredevil 2 InvestComics
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New Mutants 88 InvestComics
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Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

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