Second Preview Clip from “Absolute Justice!”

DC has released another preview clip from the upcoming TV movie "Smallville: Absolute Justice!"

Our friends at The Source have posted a new preview clip from the upcoming CW movie Smallville: Absolute Justice! As we know, the movie, written by comic book writer Geoff Johns, will feature the debut of the Justice Society of America, the original super hero team!

Here’s what Johns has to say about it:

The episode introduces the team that preceded the Justice League — the Justice Society of America — and what legacy means in the DC Universe as it’s hit hard by a villain from the JSA’s past…so they think. Like I’ve said before, fans are going to want to watch the show as it airs and DVR this one so they can go back and catch everything. But it’s also about introducing DC’s universe to viewers who don’t know it. Millions of people who have never heard of the Justice Society, Hawkman, Doctor Fate or Stargirl are going to meet them. I’m hoping this is just the start on introducing the DC Universe, and every character in it, to the rest of the world.


The clip features Clark Kent and a prone Wesley Dodds, aka Sandman! Head over to The Source to take a look.

Smallville: Absolute Justice premieres on The CW February 5, 2010.

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