Sergeant Stiles Returns in Garth Ennis’ ‘Battlefields #4’

Acclaimed writer Garth Ennis and fan-favorite character Sergeant Stiles are back in March 2010 for another run on "Battlefields"!

This time, Stiles
is taking the helm of a Firefly in "The Firefly and His Majesty." In
this sequel to the critically acclaimed "The Tankies" storyline, it’s
1945 and Stiles has been promoted from Corporal to Sergeant. With his
Firefly, a British version of the Sherman Tank, and a high-velocity
gun, Sherman is set to tear apart any German Tiger tanks in his own way
– but this time, the Germans have an ace up their sleeve…the fearsome
King Tiger tank!

"It’s early 1945 and the recently promoted
Sergeant Stiles is now happily in command of a Firefly, a British
adaptation of the American Sherman tank with a high-velocity gun – one
that can even take out Stiles’ nemesis from last time, the German
Tiger," says Garth Ennis. "But as the Allied armies advance onto German
soil, Hitler’s armies are getting ready to go down fighting, and Stiles
soon finds himself locked in a one-on-one duel with the fearsome King
Tiger tank. This monster makes the ordinary Tiger look like a house
cat, so it’s pretty much back to square one for our hero and his crew…
which Stiles takes with his usual good humor and stoicism, of course. …
Anna Kharkova from ‘The Night Witches’
and Corporal (now Sergeant) Stiles from ‘The Tankies’ were both strong
enough characters that I wanted to write new stories for them."

With interiors by the talented Carlos Ezquerra
and beautiful covers by veteran series cover artist Gary Leach,
"Battlefields" continues to fire on all cylinders in this highly
anticipated follow-up to "The Tankies." That’s not all – the critics
agree that Ennis’ relaunch in the action-filled period of World War II is the best yet! Just take a look at this acclaim for "Battlefields: Happy Valley!"

has a good series here with stories that Ennis truly seems passionate
about. While it is hard to emotionally invest in these characters due
to their lack of history, there is no denying these characters are
human and can be related to or empathized with. For those looking for a
war comic fix, you certainly cannot go wrong with Ennis’ series." –
Doug Zawisa, Comic Book Resources

"Many may think that you need to be a so-called "war buff" in order to enjoy Ennis series. Having read very few war comics
myself, I can tell you that all you need to be is a fan of a good
story. The details of its timeframe are almost irrelevant, focusing on
the men more than the mission. It’s as if the war only acts as a
conduit for these tales of bravery and valor." – Noel Bartocci, Broken

"Battlefields: Happy Valley is the perfect example of
how war comics should be done. Actually, it’s not just an example of a
perfect war comic, it’s an example of a perfect comic! Garth Ennis’ character
driven script, accompanied by PJ Holden’s intense and powerful artwork,
make for one of the best comics on the shelves. The second season of
Battlefields is of to a fine start, and sets the bar incredibly high
for the rest of the series." – Hypergeek


Written by GARTH ENNIS
32 pages FC – $3.50


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The company has also been nominated for several industry awards,
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