Something Big Happening in Adventure Comics #4?

What happen in Adventure Comics #4 that could prompt DC to put it in the same league as JLA and Blackest Night?

Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool has noticed somethign strange about Adventure Comics #4. While most of the b-level Blackest Night tie-ins feature a promotion where a retailer can order 25 promotional cheap plastic lantern rings for every 25 issues of the comic they order, Adventure Comics #4 has been bumped up into the big leagues with books like Blackest Night and JLA, requiring 50 issues of the comic to be ordered before a retailer can order 100 rings. apparently, DC feels that this is going to be the type of book that retailers will want to have extra copies of, signifying that it could possibly be very important to the Blackest Night story. The book features the return of Superboy Prime, so hopefully the big surprise won’t be the punching of a continuity wall.

Johnston says:

I understand that DC reps have told certain stores that the
publisher believes that retailers will need to have many more copies of
this comic on hand for when it ships.

While the solicitations indicate it’s all about the return of
Superboy Prime to the DC Universe, internally DC are referring to the
title as Blackest Night 5 1/2 – as much a part of the central Blackest Night storyline as Superman Beyond 3D was to Final Crisis – or more.

Adventure Comics #4

Source: Bleeding Cool
Posted originally: 2009-08-27 11:42:55

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