Special Announcement!

Let’s all put our hands together for the return of “Extra!” Yay!

Now, you may have noticed that “JOSEPH!” has been missing. No worries. Although the strip will be on sabbatical for awhile that doesn’t mean it’s completely on vacation. Truth is, we’re taking that time to produce a 64 page graphic novel titled “JOSEPH! The Family Album”.

In the meantime we’ve got “Ramiro” premiering this week (hilarious if you haven’t seen it yet) and, as you can see below, “Extra” is back. From time to time we’ll keep you posted about the development of the “JOSEPH!” graphic novel and we’re always on the look-out for new talent and cartoon strips.

Thanks for checking in. Now check out this week’s all new “Extra”.

PS: Dear, Disney. Please do not sue us.


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