Spider-Man: Far From Home

Welcome to the Trending Pop Culture movie reviews. Spider-Man: Far From Home, arriving in theaters July 2, 2019.

Spider-Man: Far From Home PG-13 (Action/Adventure/Sci-fi) – Columbia Pictures/Marvel Studios 
Director –  John Watts; Spider-Man Homecoming (2017), plus more.
Writers – Steve Ditko | Stan Lee | Erik Sommers (screenplay).
Starring – Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Marisa Tomei, Remy Hii, others.
Composers – Michael Giacchino

Official Trailer:

What is it about? Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.

Review:  Most expectations were met watching this film. Gathered in a “sold out” capacity atmosphere with fellow reviewers and fans with their screener tickets (first come, first serve). Many people that applied for screener tickets were turned away because the seat limit was met. Hundreds lined up outside. The audiences are craving mad after the Avengers: Endgame. What is to come in a Marvel cinematic universe minus Tony Stark?
The film brought its A GAME. As do most Marvel Studio movies tend to do these days. Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man was born to play this character. He should hold this role as long as his genes allow him to. Maybe movie goers will grow old with this actor as Spider-Man and then he’ll hand over the mantle to a young Miles Morales one day. That’s wishful thinking. MJ (Michelle Jones), played by Zendaya, is an obvious huge spin, updated, modern version on the Mary Jane character we’re all accustomed to seeing/reading. At first, many were a bit apprehensive about emo-MJ from her first appearance in the previous film, but this movie puts most of those fears and doubts to rest. Zendaya is going to be a huge star in Hollywood and is a without a doubt going to be a fan favorite character within this Tom Holland run.
So, what should movie goers expect going into the first movie after fallen Avenger; Tony Stark/Iron Man, is not a focal point within the Marvel Universe? Exactly what one should expect if Tony lived in the real world. Take the time Superman died, comic book or the movie, and it’s the same principal. The world takes on the weight of it. People are very aware of what they lost but are privy onto what their hero has sacrificed for their world to still exist. The movie really touches the realism that earth is without an Iron Man. We witness the pain of Peter Parker, the newfound responsibility, the new path he must create. It truly is a lot to ask of a 16-year-old isn’t it? Too bad, figure it out Peter.
Our third major player goes by the name Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio. Played by Jake Gyllenhaal. As most familiar about Mysterio, all comic book readers, the character is on point. As an outsider looking in, not familiar, you’ll find the character a bit odd. The non-comic book audience that witnessed Thanos and all of the tremendous heroes in the previous movie; Endgame, they will have a besmirched take on Mysterio. This doesn’t take away from performance too much, it takes away the charm more so. Jake Gyllenhaal does a fantastic job building trust from the audience but then misses the mark a bit in holding it. At times, it seems Jake is out of his element.
The story itself flowed effortlessly. Some plot holes could be explored, but the internet will do its job in complaining about it. The special effects/fight/action scenes were delightful, nothing groundbreaking, but eye candy satisfying. The wow factor came mostly during the Matrix like Spider-Man scenes. Yes, Matrix.
The most satisfying part(s) of this movie came at the expense of Peter Parker’s struggle(s). Meant in a demonstrative way, his constant inner battles with issues in his head probably require years of therapy, as Tom Holland brings a real tone to his struggles. Death, responsibility and love. The love struggle is an amazing journey in a short time. The tension between Peter and MJ, the awkwardness, the loss of words, all wonderfully done between two fantastic actors. The relationship, to be or not to be, hasn’t been built for 11 years leading up to Endgame, but the small buildup in the last few years really peaks in this film and carries in a special way. Audiences arrive to the finality of that issue and it’s well done.
There are plenty of other players here that will hold your interest in various ways. Happy Hogan, played by Jon Favreau, gets more screen time than expected. Not a negative in the least. Happy always brought that light element and emotional support and it’s welcomed it in this film. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is no different than you’d expect him to be, for the most part. Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) shines during her scenes. Peter’s best friend Ned, played by Jacob Batalon doesn’t really build on an already strong friendship, but it’s familiar territory to anyone with a best friend. Their friendship is golden. Watch for a development in the Brad Davis’ character played by Remy Hii, that’ll probably become more of something in the future. What that “more of something” could be is anyone’s guess.
Spider-Man Far From Home answers some questions, resolves some storylines, and then creates a host of questions and more storyline that’ll leave movie goers yearning for more. It’s the Marvel Studio way. Movie goers will be shocked at the ending of this film. This said, an intelligent thought process will immediately bring you to a conclusion as to where things could be headed.
All and all a good movie that must be watched if you’re following the Marvel cinematic universe. No skipping here. Not worth a skip anyway. See this film, you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

Stay after the credit roll. Stay. Screams literally occurred.

SoundtrackA bevvy of emotional ups and downs fill the background sounds/music. Composer Michael Giacchino arrives with his previous musical interlude in tow, Avengers Endgame. The presence of that sound will be felt by audiences. A+ here.

TPC Rating: 4 Trending Arrows up (out of 5) from Trending Pop Culture.







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