Super Hero Squad Show: Silver Surfer Profile Video

Check out this profile video of the Silver Surfer from the Marvel animated Super Hero Squad Show!

Silver Surfer
As the Squad’s resident alien, the Surfer is a fish-out-of-water, constantly puzzled and amazed at the strange customs and culture of Earthlings. The Surfer, for all his innocence, is in hiding. Even as he learns more about this pleasant oasis called Earth, taking in its mountains, rivers and beaches (where he’ll be a sensation among the surfer dudes) he’s worried that his presence may draw his former master, that world-devouring barrel of laughs called GALACTUS, into the fray, and possibly get the Earth eaten.

The Surfer and the other Squaddies

The other teammates respect him, but don’t even pretend to understand him. While Iron Man tries to fathom the mysteries of the Surfer’s powerful surfboard, Falcon has taken it upon himself to educate the alien in the ways of Earthlings. The Surfer stays on Earth because he finds a sense of belonging and higher moral purpose with the team. His moral standards and calm demeanor make him the team’s conscience. We will see him adjusting to life on Earth and confronting his fear and shame over the awesome evil he escaped from, the aforementioned Galactus.

 he Surfer adds his cosmic ENERGY FACTOR to the team.

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