Comic Broker: February 2015

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Aliens 1 of 6 ( Dark Horse )

Damn if it ain’t a great time to be comic lover.  So District 9 director Neil Blomkamp is going to revisit the Alien franchise.  You must be thinking, oh yea I have heard that crap before.  But here’s the good news.  He’s going to start his sequel right after Aliens.  Ripley fans rejoice!  Nah.  I’m waiting for the return of Hicks!  This is his first comic appearance!


Note:  This is the first Newt appearance as well but not Ripley!  That honor goes to a publication by Heavy Metal.

Macross 1

Die hard fans probably have this already but with plans for a live adaptation it’s going to become even harder to find than it  already is.


All you Need is Kill/Terra Formars FCBD 2014

Takashi Miike is a sick director in more ways that one.  Don’t believe me, watch Gozu.  So when I found out he’s adapting the ultra-violent Terra Formars I had to find the first comic appearance:


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Amazing Spider-Man 649 ( First Tron Suit )

So many wonderful versions of Spider-Man have been included in Slott’s epic Spiderverse story.  Good luck finding 650 with that sick Tron suit cover.  But you can easily find this one and there’s a cover pic of 650 in the back!



I have been waiting some time to include the following list of comics.  None are really connected to any current movie or film releases.  They are simply some of my favorite issues:

Secret Warriors 4 ( First appearance of Manifold )

The hype is on other books from this series ( see Quake and Leviathan ) but Manifold is easily the best character to come out of this excellent series

scret warriors 4 first manifold

Star Wars Galaxy 3 ( One of only a few appearances by Jaxxon )

Jaxxon, Usagi Yojimbo, The Maxx  and Bucky O Hare are my choices for best comic book hares and rabbits.  Jaxxon has a limited number of appearances.  This in one.

jaxxon appearance

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Secret Avengers 6 ( First Descendants )

One of the better modern Marvel stories centers around the Descendants and their inevitable ascension to glory.  All they needed to do was eliminate all of humanity.  Thanks for stumbling onto their subterranean homer Secret Avengers!

Secret Avengers 6 ( First Descendants )

Sabrina 28 ( rare Sonic Appearance )

Yes I collect rare Sonic appearances and this is one of the toughest to find in the wild.  People beat on Archie comics and this one suffered the same fate as most.  The point here-don’t give comics to children ( just kidding! )

sabrina 28 sonic appearance


Mighty World of MARVEL 16 ( Scarlet Witch Cover, Rocket Raccoon appears )

I am always on the hunt for more RR appearances.

Mighty World Marvel 16 Rocket Raccoon

Captain Britain 19 ( First Lance Hunter )

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets better and better but the next season is make or break for the show.  Lance isn’t quite a fan favorite but his first is very difficult to find.

captain britain 19 first lance hunter

R. Grampa is one of my favorite cover artists.  Here are three covers my collection can’t do without:

Amercian Vampire 6 Cover R. Grampa Variant5 Cover R. GrampaUncanny X-Force 19 R. Grampa Cover

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The spec market will be a little quiet this week, but it is Halloween time again. You know what that means right? Free comics this Wednesday, then the free candy on Friday! What a week!

Deathlok_HasbroAstonshing_Tales_25Last week I gave you an option for that $100 burning a hole in your pocket. This week there is another $100 InvestComics Hot Pick. With the new release of Deathlok (2014 4th Series) #1 headed our way this Wednesday, and with a plethora of variant covers to accompany it, we should really turn our focus onto Astonishing Tales #25 (1974). This of course is Deathlok’s first appearance. The collector can buy a very fine+ copy of this comic right now at $100 easily. A bargain considering all of the play the character is getting these days on S.H.I.E.L.D. Television series. How long before we eventually see him making an appearance on the big screen in a cameo possibly? The character is an interesting one and fans do have a liking for him. There are a few mitigating factors here that do equate to more of a cult following though rather than a popular one to the likes of say of a Deadpool. For many years there were rumors of a possible Deathlok movie, that never came to fruition, but may someday. Instead we get the character on a popular television series. Which doesn’t always account for a first appearance to spike. Movie news spikes a book much quicker. The Deathlok series is on its fourth ongoing go-around. Too many retakes on a series shows that the character lacks the durability to sustain its popular status for too long. So where does that leave the speculator? Well this leaves us with a potential character that may find it’s way as a supporting cast member in a movie one day. The popularity has called for four ongoing series already. That has to account for the cult status, but Marvel wants this dude to work in the worse way. With DC announcing their Cyborg movie, you don’t think Marvel would want to outdo them and show them how it’s done? Maybe, maybe not. The Deathlok character in my opinion has more upside than most other Bronze age first appearances. Astonishing Tales #25 is not only an important first appearance key Bronze book, but it also happens to be Legends’ George Perez’ first professional work. That alone is worth the one bill to buy this comic. Upside guys/gals, upside.

Two major players get into the mix this week. The ever popular Carnage stars in Axis Carnage (2014 Marvel) #1. Who doesn’t love this villain?? Check out this comic for a big reveal in the life of everyone’s favorite symbiote. Harley Quinn gets her own poly bagged comic this week. Not because of explicit content, not because of a major story plot line, not because of a coupon or something, because of the smell…….yes the smell. Supposedly DC Comics has put some sort of a “smell” into the issue. A literal smell. Like in one of the human senses, taste, touch, etc. Smell. They say it smells nasty so they poly bagged it. Really?? Seriously?? This is almost too hard to believe because it sounds absurd. It’s not April first, it’s in their solicit for the comic, so……..oh boy. Can we go back to the absurd amount of variants instead? Actually that is present too. Look for the smelly issue; Harley Quinn (2013) Annual #1. Harley_QuinnCarnageTaking gimmicks to new heights. Next comic companies will put blood in their ink. Oh wait…..dang.

A must buy this week is Image Comics’ Rasputin (2014 Image) #1.

Quite a few independent comics will have to be on your radar this week. Very interesting story lines indeed. Nothing sold out as of yet, so be sure to pick them up at your local shop and make a decision on them. Godkiller Walk Among Us (2014 Black Mask) #1, I Play The Bad Guy (2014) #1, Roman Ritual (2014) #1, Beast Commandos (2014 Amigo) #1, and Phantom (2014 Hermes Press) #1.

Archie Comics starts a new series with the worlds most famous hedgehog; Sonic Boom (2014 Archie) #1. The baddest man in the UK comes this Wednesday with a new number one issue; Dredd Uprise (2014 Rebellion) #1.

A fantastic comic comes out from Marvel this week; Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration (2014). A look back at 75 years in the Marvel Universe. Brought to you by a bevy of creators within the industry. Get this comic for nostalgic reasons, for great reading material, a history lesson of sorts, and maybe even a nice comic to get Capital Grading Services on top of eventually. Get the various creators from this comic to sign it for you and Capital GS will get it witnessed/graded through CBCS. Sounds like a plan!

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