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Each week InvestComics will bring a creator into the spotlight to showcase some of their key books within their career.

Walt Simonson is a legend in the circles of the comic book industry. He is one of the premiere players. An artist, an inker and a writer. The man can do it all and does it all at an extraordinary level.

His body of work could not even be justified in this article it is so vast, but InvestComics will highlight a plethora of comics in Walt’s illustrious, well known, well respected career thus far. Exclusions are bound to happen on this list, these are just some of his works. We hope you enjoy reading, gazing, buying these comics below as much as we have over the years.


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Weird War Tales #10 (1973) The first professional work. A backup story. DC owns the distinct honor of discovering him. Thanks DC! Although Marvel would have eventually come along.

Sword of Sorcery #5 (1973) The first solo cover right here.

The Haunt of Horror #1 (1973) The first Marvel work came in this number one issue magazine in a backup story.

Detective Comics #437 (1973) Walt was a fantastic Batman artist/writer. This was his first Batman book, but he didn’t do the Batman character. He did another character that he would “own” and that would be the Manhunter. In a backup role here again. This is also the first appearance of the New Manhunter.


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Detective Comics #443 (1974) It is here that Walt would get he first crack at the Batman character on pencils.

Master of Kung-Fu #24 (1975) This is the first official Marvel “comic book” work for Walt. He would be one of three artist on this book.

Pizzazz #10 (1977) Simonson went on to do a lot of Star Wars comics in his career. This is the first Star Wars art he ever did and it was in a magazine. This was also very early Star Wars art regarding comics. Only a few months after the number one Star Wars comic debuted, this magazine debuted. It featured different Star Wars stories in the magazine by different creators each month. Issues 10-13 were all Simonson.

Rampaging Hulk #1 (1977) Here’s the first art on the Hulk character. It was a magazine.


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Young Love #125 (1977) Here is one of those that will have you scratching your head. Simonson did the cover for this romance comic.

Thor #260 (1977) Almost all creators get linked to a certain character(s) during their career. Some creators find a niche with a career and they take it to another level, thus making them “that creator” on that particular character(s) that fans relate to. This comic here is not that comic. Well, not yet anyways. Walt Simonson does not find his grove with the Thor character until six years later, but here is the first pencils and a collaborated cover (Joe Sinnott) on the Thor character. More on Thor in a bit…..

Batman #300 (1978) Here is a Batman anniversary issue Walt penciled.

Machine Man #6 (1978) Marvel finally finds Walt a solo cover to do with collaborating with anyone. Jack “King” Kirby penciled and wrote the issue.


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Marvel Super Special #3 (1978) Here’s a cool adaption from the Close Encounters movie. Pencils here.

Marvel Two In One #43 (1978) An awesome collaborated cover with another legend John Byrne.

Star Wars #16 (1978) Here is Walt’s first Star Wars comic. Pencils and cover art. First appearance of Valance.

Superboy #237 (1978) First Superboy art.


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Devil Dinosaur #8 (1978) A collaborated cover with Jack “King” Kirby. A great collectors item here.

Thor Annual #7 (1978) The first Thor cover Walt did with no one’s name attached but his own.

Fantastic Four #212 (1979) First Fantastic Four art. The cover only.

Star Wars Annual #1 (1979) First Star Wars annual. Walt on cover duty only, while legend Chris Claremont writes.


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Marvel Premiere #57 (1980) First American appearance of Dr. Who. Cover art. A huge book for any Dr. Who fan of course.

Marvel Treasury Edition #28 (1981) Superman and Spider-Man oversize Treasury edition. What is there not to love about this? Walt is only an ink guy only on this book, along with a very long list of others.

Detective Comics #500 (1981) Anniversary issue. Cover art with Joe Kubert, Jim Aparo, Dick Giordano, Carmine Infantion, just to name a few.

The Spectacular Spider-Man #54 (1981) First Spider-Man art. Cover art only in a collaborated effort with legend Frank Miller.

Detective Comics 500 InvestComics

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The Amazing Spider-Man #222 (1981) First solo Spidey cover. Debut; Speed Demon.

Bizarre Adventures #29 (1981) Here’s an interesting one. This magazine comic related book features the cover art by Walt and interior art. He pencils a story written by the great Stephen King. This is King’s first story ever adapted into a comic book type genre. Essentially it’s the first Stephen King in comics.

Marvel and DC Comics Present: The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans #1 (1982) One of the coolest crossover team-ups in the history of Marvel/DC. Walt cover art and pencils. Claremont writes. Do you need anything else here?

Fantastic Four Roast #1 (1982) A who’s who in the comic book industry on this comic. Simonson pencils a page or two. Fred Hembeck/Terry Austin cover.

Amazing Spider-Man 222 InvestComics

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Fantastic Four Roast 1 InvestComics

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Marvel Age #1 (1983) Why this series doesn’t get looked upon more by collectors is still an absolute wonderment to me. Crystar cover by Simonson.

Red Sonja #1 (1983) An awesome Red Sonja cover from Walt here.

Thor #337 (1983) Walt Simonson pencil/ink/writes and does the now iconic cover. It’s the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill. What more can be said about this comic that hasn’t been said yet? This was the game changer for Walt Simonson. This was THE character he owned. Walt made Thor HIS character here. There’s Kirby and the there is Simonson. Walt made Thor #337 the hottest comic on the planet back in the 80′s. It is still a book to own if you don’t already. Beta Ray Bill will eventually make it to the big screen and when he does, look out here. The iconic cover alone is enough to make collectors want it. Walt Simonson solidified himself as a creator right here. As said earlier, every creator has that character(s) that they own. Most creators also have that defining moment in their career where they catch something just right and fans begin the process of bringing them to that next level as they so fittingly deserve. This is that defining moment for Walt Simonson. Thor is Simonson’s, the fans spoke out in 1983. Walt has officially arrived.

Manhunter #1 (1984) All of those cool Manhunter backup stories from the Batman comics are reprinted here. New Walt covers too.

Marvel Age 1 InvestComics

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Red Sonja 1 InvestComics

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Manhunter 1 InvestComics

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The Eternals #1 (1985) The introduction of the new Eternals. Cover artist for issues 1,2 and 12. Writer for issues 9-12. Introduction of many new characters in this series. A 12 issue limited series.

Balder The Brave #1 (1985) A 4 issue Asgard tale written by Walt. All 4 covers to the series done by him as well.

X-Factor #1 (1986) The ever so popular X-Factor series back in the 80′s. First issue graces a Simonson cover.

Green Lantern #200 (1986) A rare Green Lantern cover. Rare Green Lantern art period.

Eternals 1 InvesdtComics

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Balder The Brave 1 InvestComics

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Daredevil #236 (1986) Same here. Rare Daredevil art. Possibly the only Daredevil in his portfolio.

AniMax #1 (1986) Walt writes the AniMax team! He only provided his writing prowess for the three issues mini. This comic was part of the Marvel imprint line: Star Comics.

Iron Man Annual #8 (1996) Rare Iron Man cover art.

Alpha Flight #50 (1987) Cover art only. Loki on cover.


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Daredevil 236 InvestComics

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World of Krypton #1 (1987) This sought after/popular comic within recent times (year or so) dons cover art with another legend John Byrne. Rumors of a television series based on this series have not panned out as of thus far. No news means nothing is happening……yet.

Silver Surfer #10 (1988) A rare Silver Surfer cover.

Avengers #291 (1988) Writing duties here only, make for his first Avengers story ever written.

Marvel Comics Presents #1 (1988) Cover art includes Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Man-Thing and Master of Kung-Fu. Sweet.

Avengers 291 InvestComics

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Silver Surfer 10 InvestComics

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The World of Krypton 1 InvestComics

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Marvel Comics Presents 1 InvestComics

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Marvel Age #80 (1989) An original Fantastic Four cover.

Incredible Hulk #364 (1989) A rare Hulk comic cover.

Fantastic Four #334 (1989) First time as writer on the Fantastic Four. He does the cover art here too.

Fantastic Four #337 (1990) He writes, pencils, inks and cover art here. He’s completely taken over the creative control here. An look at the issue number….remind you of another comic?

Fantastic Four 334 InvestComics

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Fantastic Four 337 InvestComics

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Incredible Hulk 364 InvestComics

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Marvel Age 80 InvestComics

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Amazing Spider-Man #337 (1990) The return of the Sinister Six part four. Cover collaboration with Erik Larsen. And there is that issue number again!

Marvel Fanfare #60 (1992) An awesome Black Panther cover. Final issue of Marvel Fanfare.

Superman Special #1 (1992) Writer, artist and inks. Cover art too.

The Superman Gallery #1 (1993) Just a great Superman cover.

Superman Gallery 1 InvestComics

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Superman Special 1 InvestComics

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Marvel Age 80 InvestComics

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Spawn #13 (1993) Spawn? Yes, Walt provides this issue with a very nice Spawn poster. Way cool.

Inside Image #4 (1993) First Image comic. A cover collaboration with Erik Larsen.

Showcase 94 #5 (1994) Awesome Huntress cover.

Weapon Zero Silver Surfer #1 (1997) The writer for this crossover series from Marvel and Top Cow.

Inside Image InvestComics

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Spawn 13 InvestComics

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Weapon Zero Silver Surfer 1 InvestComics

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Showcase 94 5 InvestComics

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Orion #1 (2000) Pencils, inks and writes this incredible series. First issue features Darkseid on the cover. A cover in which he took care of as well here.

Wonder Woman #190 (2003) Writes a six part Wonder Woman story. Rare creative output for the Wonder Woman character from Simonson. Adam Hughes provides cover art for all six issues.

Vigilante #1 (2009) Cover art coolness.

Venom #13 (2012) The only time we see Venom art come from the legend. Cover art only.

Avengers #24 (2014) A homage X-Men Rogue cover (Welcome home Rouge….). A Walt Simonson variant cover and it’s great.

Avengers 24 InvestComics

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Orion 1 InvestComics

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Vigilante 1 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman 190 InvestComics

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Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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InvestComics Hot Picks – Summer Special

Topher Seal is back with his Summer Special article! Things are heating up outside and so are these gems!

As summer sizzles up there’s sure to be plenty of flea markets, auctions and cons to attend. That means back issue blowouts set up by desperate dealers and rank, aging fanboys will hopefully yield treasures or at least help you scratch some books off your want list.  Here’s a few you sould look for in the first discount longbox you see!

Strange Tales 2 Issue 1

The Rafael Grampa cover (more on him next time!) alone makes this one worth the price but a rare contribution from the creator of The Perry Bible Fellowship is the best reason to buy this creative Marvel offering.

Value: 5.00

Venom 13 Sketch Variant 

Some comics you just have to buy because they define a particular era. The new Venom series has a great writer and a character wearing the suit that we can finally be proud of.  This rare issue features the first appearance of The Circle of Four as well as the first appearance of the Antithesis (a group which mirrors the dark sides of the Circle.)  The ones to remember here are Encephalon and X-666!  Buy it, grade it and stash it in your vault.

Value:  50

New X-men 128

As the Uncanny X-force has become the premiere X book for Marvel there is one member who has recently generated heat similar to Deadpool. Fantomex’s first appearance is hot and Ebay sales of CGC 9.8 grade copies are seeing insane gains.  There’s hope though.  I picked up 2 in NM at a localBostonshop this past weekend.  This is an opportunity to get in early on an obscure character who is fast becoming a popular creation.

Value: 25.00-50.00  Ebay sales of 25-50 in NM and 200-300 in CGC 9.8

X-Men Second Coming 2 (Finch Variant)

Looking for the first appearance of the new Uncanny X-Force?  This is it people.  While others track down all the variants for issue 1of the regular series it is in the issue where Wolverine defies Cyclops and forms the team!

Value:  30

Civil War 2 (Turner Sketch Variant)

This one is a few years old but it features one of the most important storylines ever printed and down the road will be a very valuable book due to content and rarity.

Value:  45.00

Resurrection Man Vol. 1 Issue 1 (2nd Print)

DC’s new 52 issue brings back Mitch Shelly as the tormented Resurrection Man, written by Dan Abnett. Normally I don’t recommend collecting first issues with larger print runs unless you really know what you are doing but this issue is cool because it’s the Resurrection Man’s first appearance!

The 2nd Printing is harder to find than the first.  Look for the Roman numeral 2 which denoted the later printing.

Value: 10.00 for the second printing

Dark Horse Presents Vol. 2 issue 1  (Paul Pope Variant Cover)

There are a lot of wonderful things going on in Dark Horse’s new series.  From Harlen Ellison to Richard Corben it appears as if this new series is picking up right where it left off (see issue 157 with the Goon!)  But the real gem here is a sneak peak at Frank Miller’s Xerxes!  If the series is half as good as 300 look for this book to soar in value.  Plus there’s a wicked cover by an indie favorite.

Value: 20.00

Superman & Batman 80

Appearances of alternate versions or future versions of our favorite heroes often lead to an increase in value.  Part 2 of this intriguing tale concerns Epoch , the Lord of Time and features rare appearances by Damian Wayne as Batman as well as the Batman from the 46th century, Superman 2 and the futuristic duo who deal with what’s called The Greater Darkness?!  Though they all only appear in a single splash page who knows when they all might show up again.  Take a chance on this one as it could become as hard to find as the Superman Batman Annual 4 (also featuring an incredible Batman Beyond story!)

Value:  3.00

Resurrection Man 27 Series Finale

It’s the same old story here…low print run and great writing is the recipe for back issue value.

Oh and check out Resurrection Man One Million for the greatest Mitch Shelly tale ever written!

Value:  8.00

68 (one-shot, covers A & B)

Come on you know that zombies are still hot and even when they cool off it won’t be long before the cycle repeats itself.  With an awesome story, 2 covers and a low print run I suggest buying this book while there’s still a chance you can find it.

Value: 25.00


Tales of Suspense 79 (first cosmic cube)

Whatever Loki’s plans are for the cosmic cube in the upcoming Avengers film you can be sure that this book will see a healthy increase in value!


Every month I will update a list of current books that are generating big internet sales and general buzz in the industry.

     1.    Dreamwalker 0 (Avatar) First appearance of the Goon!

Value: 175.00

2.    Avatar Illustrated 1 ( Early Goon )

Value: 150.00

3.   Chew 1

Internet sales continue to climb

Value: 350/CGC 9.8 500-700

4.   Walking Dead 19 ( First Michonne )

See the last Broker Corner article!

5.   New X-men 128 ( first Fantomex )

Value: 50

6.   Batman and Robin Vol. 2 Issue 2 ( first appearance Titus Wayne )

Value: 7.00

7.   The Walking Dead 27 ( first appearance The Governor )

Value: 125.00

8.   Chew 12 ( SDCC Variant )

Value: 40.00

9.   Fear Itself 7 (variant)   First Appearance Marcus Johnson

Value:  9.00

10. Dead Pooh 1

Value:  5.00