Buy, Sell, Hold – Werewolf By Night #32

One comic is chosen to go under the scope. What is the best course? As a speculator, is it worth buying, selling or holding?
Here are the pros and cons, YOU decide.

Werewolf By Night #321975
Writer: Doug Moench
Art: Don David Perlin
Inker: Howie Perlin
Cover Art: Gil Kane & Al Milgrom

PROS: The first appearance and origin of Moon Knight – The first appearance of right-hand man ‘Frenchie’ – An extremely valuable commodity in the aftermarket. An 8.5 CGC graded recently SOLD for $930+. This is an extremely high-priced sale for a character not considered to be an A-lister. A RAW copy sold for $700+ a couple of days later (see ‘cons’) – A constant rumored to be character from every television studio to movie studio to see live action (see ‘cons’) – IF Moon Knight ever does see the light of day, with SOLID news/confirmation of a live action, this comic will be aftermarket gold – A much revered cult followed character – A Gil Kane/Al Milgrom cover – Dubbed Marvel’s “White Knight” from comic fans – A part of the West Coast Avengers team at one point –  A Bronze Age comic – Constant upward ticks over years makes this comic very desirable. InvestComics recommended this comic 12 years ago and thru-out the years since. The comic was able to be bought in certain area’s for $100 at the time we first mentioned.

CONS: There are a total of 1873 graded copies (CGC Census). Out of those copies, 580 are graded 9.0 or higher. This is NOT including a CBCS Census (no data). NM copies are readily available out there and CBCS has not been factored in here – Rumors have been bound for a couple of years now, but have been getting particularly stronger more recently,  which means absolutely nothing – Rumors are not a stable environment for long-term investments. Markets need validity, balance and hard copy to proceed in the correct direction. If rumors continue, it will be a score for the seller. If rumors cease and or studios do not make a move (announcement), look for a possible major correction on this comic. RAW copies will take a major hit as graded books will wane away – As a non A-list Marvel character a $700 sale for a RAW copy is a bit of an aggressive stance for any speculator at this point.

What do you think? Is this comic a buy, sell or hold?

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From the InvestComics Moon Knight Checklist

Werewolf By Night #33 (1975) Second appearance.
Marvel Spotlight #28 (1976) First solo book. Legendary writer Doug Moench on this book and long time penciler Don Perlin. A must for any Moon Knight collector here. Several first appearances in here.
Moon Knight #1 (1980) His first solo/self titled book. Bill Sienkiewicz art. First appearance of Bushman, Khonshu and Dr. Peter Alraune. Origin of Moon Knight  part 1. Also Sienkiewicz cover art.
Marc Spector Moon Knight #55 (1993) The first definitive Moon Knight artist. Legend Bill Sienkiewicz was amazing, but Stephen Platt took the character look to a whole new level. This is the Miller Dark Knight, the McFarlane Spidey, the Simonson Thor, etc. The first defining artist moment in Moon Knight history is right here. The second comes later. Too bad Stephen wasn’t enough at the time to save this series from its demise a short time later. The first published work of Stephen Platt.

Buy/Bid – Werewolf By Night #33

Buy/Bid – Marvel Spotlight #28

Buy/Bid – Moon Knight #1

Buy/Bid – Moon Knight #55











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InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 9/3/14

[scrollGallery id=369]

There are foregone conclusions in life. The one that we all try hardest to elude is death. No matter how hard we try, we all will eventually meet our ultimate demise. No way around this one folks. It’s going to happen. However, the death card- foregone conclusion does not hold water within the comic book world. Wolverine will start the ultimate conclusion to his life beginning this week in Death of Wolverine (2014) #1. The death will stir the pot a bit, but will simply not hold for the long hall. Wolverine equals money and Disney isn’t about to give that up. So what to do as a fan? Well for one; enjoy the story put forth before you. It’s probably going to be a great one! As a speculator, well there are literally about 13 variants (at last count) that stand before you. If you’re a savvy investor and stay on top of the InvestComics Hot Picks each week, you’ll know what to do exactly. If you’re a first timer here, all I can say is choose wisely. There are simply too many variants to cover, but I can tell you one thing. It will be short lived, so you better turn over the comics quick. There is one sold out variant and that one goes to the sketch Deadpool variant. That variant alone will cost you around $350. That’s a bit much. Money better spent on a nice Bronze Age first appearance someplace. It’s your money though. If you buy that $350 book, you better have a good plan to get rid of it.

DC Comics wants to out duel Marvel this week so they go back to the well with their 3D covers. There is absolutely no redeeming value to these amazingly awesome 3D comics as far as monetary value goes. It’s a passing fad and will be as big as the Bombshell covers were, or the selfie covers. Yes you get the idea. Take a pass on these if you’re thinking of a spec market spike. There will however probably be ONE or TWO that will break through to cause an aftermarket bump. A short lived gimmick will bring a few extra bucks to your pocket, so the same applies here as did the Death of Wolverine. Choose wisely. Here is a quick checklist with images of which 3D covers are headed your way.

[scrollGallery id=370]

Trinity Of Sin Phantom Stranger Futures End (2014) #1

Swamp Thing Futures End (2014) #1

Action Comics Futures End (2014) #1

Green Arrow Futures End (2014) #1

Grayson Futures End (2014) #1

Earth 2 Futures End (2014) #1

Detective Comics Futures End (2014) #1

Batwing Futures End (2014) #1

Aquaman Futures End (2014) #1

Green Lantern Futures End (2014) #1

Check out the zany/fun and Sold Out variant comic God Hates Astronauts (2014 Image) #1 this Wednesday. No more left at Diamond so you better get a copy if you think it’s a keeper. Another sold out comic hitting the shelf this week is Silent Hill Downpour Annes Story (2014) #1. Don’t look for too much on the spec side with this comic though.

Since the inception of InvestComics back in 2005 I have recommended Moon Knight countless times, everything from Werewolf by Night, Marvel Spotlight, to the Stephen Platt run and many more. All of those comics have showed some decent progress over time. I will continue to inform anyone that reads this column each week that you need to get your Moon Knight Comics in order. He will eventually come to fruition and hit the big screen. When it is announced one day, these books will explode beyond a price range that makes sense to buy for the savvy speculator. So with that, in this week’s Moon Knight (2014 5th Series) #7 fans are introduced to a new villain.

Disney based comic Figment has been selling very well. Figment (2014) #4 will reveal the origin of Dreamfinder and Figment.

Alice Cooper (2014 Dynamite) #1 will start a new ongoing series written by the amazing Joe Harris. Alice Cooper is no stranger to comics. Check out his first appearance in the Marvel title Marvel Premiere #50 (1979). Mr. Cooper had an actual hand in writing that book too. Awesome Terry Austin cover as well!

Dark Horse Comics puts together two unlikely characters; Grendel and the Shadow in Grendel vs Shadow (2014) #1. Although the Shadow is a cool teammate, Grendel is total badas*. Grendel’s first appearance was in Primer #2 (1983). A once very hot commodity way back in the day still shows signs of life on Ebay. A recent 9.6 CGC graded sold for $250. Primer #2 consistently sells on Ebay, which is a great sign. Why Grendel isn’t on the big screen yet is puzzling. If you can get your hands on one of these, do yourself a favor and do so. It’s a winner and an investment all the way.

Number One (2014 Aazurn) #1 will be a great read. Look for this one shot to sell out. A disturbing new Vertigo title will be of interest to check out; Names (2014 DC/Vertigo) #1. Ex Con (2014 Dynamite) #1, Cloaks (2014 Boom) #1, and Death Defying Dr Mirage (2014 Valiant) #1 will be worth a look as well.

Want off the wall, funny, wacky this week? Look no further than Hawkeye vs Deadpool (2014) #0. This will be a must read.

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