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Uncanny 332 ( first Ozymandias )


I doubt you will see an Age of Apocalypse film without this guy!


Marvel GN 17 ( First Apocalypse )


Though unnamed in the GN it looks like this is Apocalypse’s first appearance.  Will this retcon catch on?  If it does this one will skyrocket.

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Rise of Apocalypse 1-4


This mini is already selling for decent money.


Uncanny 376



Uncanny X-Men 221 (First Mr. Sinister)


Mr. Sinister is a fan favorite  and central to the AOA plot.  Grab this one now if your lucky enough to find it in high grade.

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X-force 37 (Apocalypse gains entry into the Celestial ship)


Any comic that sheds light on the origin of the world’s oldest mutant should jump in price.  In this case we get a glimpse into Apocalypse’s quest for power.  It’s a small tidbit but key to understanding the goals of a powerful mutant.


New Mutants 25 ( First David Haller/Legion ) New Mutants #26 ( first on cover )


Bringing Apocalypse into the cinematic universe is a smart move.  Leading the next film into the AOA storyline would be wise too.   Sony like to adapt stories from the comics so Prof X’s son could be used and that means a whole host of comics will heat up on the back issue market.

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X-Men 41 – Legion Quest (First Earth-295/AOA )



X-Factor 23 ( first Archangel )


Everyone should have a copy of X-Factor 24. Simonson’s cover is still impressive all these years later and hey it’s the first appearance of Warren as Archangel right?  Nope.  He appeared in issue 23, in full and wasn’t named for many issues later.  This scenario reminds me of New Mutants 86/87.  Cable appears at the end of issue 86 but because of the iconic cover for issue 87 the actual first appearance isn’t noted.


X-Men 95 ( Identity of Death Revealed )


At this point we do not know who the Horsemen will be.  I would like to see the original horsemen used but Fox likes to tweak the stories making Wolverine the central character.  If the do use him as Death I would want to own this one.


X-Men Unlimited 10


Dark Beast replaces Beast.  I remember a few characters who became quite popular during the AOA run.  Dark Beast was one of them.


Uncanny X-Men 317 ( Red Stripe )


She appears to be one of the more popular characters in the new film.  The enhanced cover is easy to find.  This one is a little more difficult.

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X-Men Poster Magazine 4 ( First AOA Blink/ Dark Beast )


Unlike Bishop Blink was great in Days of Future Past!

This one is super rare and could be the first appearance of the AOA Blink and Dark Beast.  I am working to confirm the date of release on this but if you collect AOA related comics you should enjoy the hunt on this one.  It’s not going to be easy.


Tales from the AOA 2


I have mentioned this one before.  Why?  First published work by Brian k. Vaughan!



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Age of Apocalypse – Reading Order

Legion Quest
0) Uncanny X-Men #319: Untapped Potential
1) X-Factor #109: The Waking
2) Uncanny X-Men #320: The Son Rises In The East
3) X-Men #40: The Killing Time
4) Uncanny X-Men #321: Auld Lang Syne
5) Cable #20: An Hour Of Last Things
6) X-Men #41: Dreams Die

1) X-Men Chronicles #1: Origins
2) X-Man Annual #1996
3) Tales From The Age of Apocalypse: Sinister Bloodlines
4) Tales From The Age of Apocalypse: By The Light
5) X-Men Chronicles #2: Shattered Dreams
6) X-Man #-1: Breeding Ground
7) Blink #1
8) Blink #2
9) Blink #3
10) Blink #4 (Without Last Three Pages)

11) X-Men Alpha: Beginnings
12) Astonishing X-Men #1: Once More, With Feeling
13) X-Calibre #1: The Infernal Gallop
14) Gambit and The X-Ternals #1: Some Of Us Looking To The Stars
15) Generation Next #1: From The Top
16) Weapon X #1: Unforgiven Trespasses
17) Amazing X-Men #1: Crossing Guards
18) Factor X #1: Sinister Neglect
19) X-Man #1: Breaking Away

Choosing Sides
20) Amazing X-Men #2: Sacrificial Lambs
21) Factor X #2: Abandoned Children
22) Weapon X #2: Fire in the Sky
23) Gambit and The X-Ternals #2: Where No External Has Gone Before
24) X-Calibre #2: Burn
25) Generation Next #2: Hither Comes The Sugarman
26) Astonishing X-Men #2: No Exit
27) X-Man #2: Choosing Sides

Turning Point
28) Age of Apocalypse: The Chosen
29) Factor X #3: Open Wounds
30) Astonishing X-Men #3: In Excess
31) Amazing X-Men #3: Parents of The Atom
32) X-Calibre #3: Body Heat
33) Gambit and The X-Ternals #3: To The Limits of Infinity
34) Generation Next #3: It Only Hurts When I Sing
35) X-Man #3: Turning Point
36) Weapon X #3: The Common Rights of Toads and Men
37) X-Universe #1: Last Stand

38) X-Calibre #4: On Fire
39) Generation Next #4: Bye
40) Astonishing X-Men #4: Holocaust
41) X-Man #4: The Art of War
42) Factor X #4: Reckonings
43) Weapon X #4: Into The Maelstrom
44) X-Universe #2: Dying Breath
45) Gambit and The X-Ternals #4: The Maze
46) Amazing X-Men #4: On Consecrated Ground
47) X-Men Omega: Endings
–) Blink #4 (Last Three Pages)

Any correction are greatly appreciated. 

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 2/12/14

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Two number one issues coming out this week from Marvel are going to prove worthy of success, but die an unfortunate quick death. Maybe not so much X-Force (2014 4th Series) #1 because of the movie hype surrounding it, but She-Hulk (2014 3rd Series) #1 will be hot for a little bit and turn as cold as ice in an instant. Although X-Factor will escape the clutches of cancelation for a little while longer than She-Hulk will, these two series are going to see no action in the speculative market for the long haul. I cannot urge you enough to stay away from the variants on these comics. If you think for some strange reason that plucking down $60 for either of these top variants will fetch you a return, you’re sadly mistaken. The only savior for the She-Hulk would be a major movie announcement (which doesn’t seem likely in the foreseeable future), otherwise stay away. The smart move here for either the X-Factor or She-Hulk interest is to go after the key book(s). She-Hulk #1 from 1980 is the characters first appearance. This would be the comic to spend a couple of bucks on. As for X-Factor, well you have the X-Factor #1 from 1986 (first appearance as the X-Factor team), but it’s X-Factor #71 (1991) that will be the “go-to” book as the movie details keep dribbling out. Both of these comics; X-Force (2014 4th Series) #1/She-Hulk (2014 3rd Series) #1 will in fact (most likely) show some strong sales right out of the gate, but will see strong declines as they both carry on. Be aware of the history here, especially with the She-Hulk not so much X-Factor.

Marvel gives the speculators a little bit to chew on this week though. Check out Superior Spider-Man (2012) #27. The Goblin Nation storyline begins here. There will be a $100 variant sketch cover that will bring some return as the storyline heats up and Doc Ock is pushed out for the return of Peter Parker. Get the variant CGC signature series’ and collect your profits accordingly. Do not hold onto this comic for a long duration, you will lose money on it. Gauge the market, and strike when necessary.

The new Captain America movie coming this April will feature the Winter Soldier. So Marvel Comics gets the ball rolling with a new Winter Solider comic; Winter Soldier Bitter March (2014) #1. The absolute comic to get before the movie hits is Captain America #6 (2005). THIS comic is recognized as Winter Soldier’s first appearance by CGC, NOT Captain America #1(2005) like many may think. Captain America #6 is money in the bank folks. Get on it now.

Thor will be dealing with Minotaur in Thor God of Thunder (2012) #19. Minotaur first appeared in a comic written by Stan Lee, art by Don Heck, and a cover by Jack “King” Kirby. That comic is The Avengers #17 (1965).

Revolutionary War (2014 Marvel) #4 will pit two UK Marvel characters against each other; Death’s Head and Death’s Head II. Marvel’s UK Death’s Head first appeared in The Transformers (UK) #117 (1987), and Death’s Head II in Death’s Head II #1 (1992). Marvel UK is bringing it.

Kick-Ass 3 (2013 Marvel) #6 will feature the secret origin of Hit-Girl. The issue has a $30 John Romita Jr. Sketch variant. Not a shabby deal at all here. Get a CGC signature series with Romita Jr. or Millar ink on the cover (9.8 grade or higher as always!) and flip it. A Kick-Ass fan will gobble up a Hit-Girl origin issue signed by one of these two creators.

Two number one issues to definitely look out for this week are Fuse (2014 Image) #1 and Royals Masters Of War (2014) DC #1. Both will have strong sales, do not miss them.

Gravel Combat Magician (2014) (Avatar) #1 will follow William Gravel’s next adventure. And just in case this dude ever gets optioned, be sure to have Strange Kiss #1 (1999) in your stash. His first appearance comes from elite writer Warren Ellis. Yes a book to own, just in case.

Others to check out this week; Devil’s Hopyard (2013) #1, Mercenary Sea (2014) #1, City The Mind In The Machine (2014) #1, and Bunker (2014 Oni Press) #1.

……And last but not least, check out X (2013 Dark Horse) #10. This comic will cue us in on a new X origin. X is a very cool comic character that needs to be on your radar.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Hot Picks #302

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

Teen Titans #44 (1)Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks

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There are certain characters within the realm of the comic book world that simply do not have the guns to hold their own monthly series. These characters are fantastic supporting heroes/villains, but simply lack that certain something to appeal to the masses. Ghost Rider, Vision, Namor, Supergirl, just to name few. Let me reiterate, these characters are awesome, they have found some success in their own way, but have either been short lived or became a flavor of the month type deal (See Aquaman). Do they deserve a better fate? Sometimes yes, and sometimes not. If you are a regular reader around here you will know that this speculator is still very high on one of these “b/c rate” characters; Moon Knight. With the influx of the movie and television comic lure, it’s very easy to say that any of the background music characters can breakout at any time (see Vibe). Moon Knight in my opinion will breakout eventually, so watch him. Been saying it for years and I warned you on Deathstroke years ago as well. So pay attention here.

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 1/8/13

[scrollGallery id=329]

The same certainty cannot be said for this week’s new flavor; Black Widow. Although our Russian bombshell will debut with her own solo series this week; Black Widow (2014) #1 I will point out one certainty that will make a speculator cringe a bit. The Black Widow has starred in over 14 self-titled projects, either by way of limited series or solo series. This is of course not counting the dozens of team-ups she’s been involved in. So what does this tell us? Exactly what I explained a couple of minutes ago. BW lacks something to have her own thing on-going. Great limited series character, great teammate, but not a solo artist. She needs a band and she needs to be the backup singer. The movie appearances have spiked her first appearance a bit, and interest in the character, but not enough to warrant a solo series. Will the series do well at first? Yes it will. It will come out like gangbusters, but will succumb to mediocrity. It happens all the time with these types of characters. Even my breakout character pick Moon Knight. The difference however is that Black Widow will not eventually have her own film and compete with DC’s Dark Knight. Moon Knight will do just that, BW will not. Yes that’s right, been saying this for years and years, Moon Knight will be Marvel’s answer to Batman on the big screen. You’ll see. Anyway back to Black Widow. As stated before, the series will be a hot one out of the gate. There is no denying it. With writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Phil Noto at the helm, it will be a hot book. That’s also not discounting the variants accompanying the debut issue. The prize variant goes to the amazing Scott J. Campbell. You can get the variant and flip this graded bad boy for a few bucks in your pocket. Please do so quickly. The series will not sustain its interest long enough with speculators to shell out big bucks for this variant. BW’s first solo comic came out back in 1990’s graphic novel: Black Widow: The Coldest War. Her first appearance came in Tales of Suspense #52 (1964). The TOS comic will always be the one to have. You simply cannot go wrong with names like Lee, Kirby, and Heck attached to a first appearance.

In the midst of all the hoopla surrounding the “ALL-NEW NOW” absurdity there will be a nice little nugget hidden away in A Plus X (2012 Marvel Now) #16. This comic debuts the writing talents of Jeff Loveness. Jeff is the writer of the highly successful late night Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show. Does this mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Not really. What if though Jeff hits the right chord with fans? Well, this will be where it all started for him in the comic book world!

Now back to the “ALL NEW NOW!” ridiculousness. I will refrain from making this a long dissertation, but ALL NEW NOW!? This is the equivalent of having DC Comics pull an ALL NEW 52! Absurd. What happens when Marvel decides they need to change things up again? ALL NEW NEW NOW!? Anyway…..

All New Marvel Now Point One (2013) #1 features many of our beloved Marvel heroes/villains in a new way. Is this really necessary? Don’t matter, sales from the sold out Steve McNiven variant states differently from my thoughts here. All New X-Factor (2014) #1 has sold out across the board. Every variant is completely gone. The All New X-Factor will be a successful book, not only because it’s X-Factor, because Mr. X-Factor writer himself Peter David will be on board. This isn’t the first time Peter David has done an All New X-Factor comic. Back in 1991 he revamped the team in issue number 71; the caption on top reads “The All New….” Not only is this comic the first TRUE All New X-Factor, but it’s also the team that will probably appear in the movie. X-Factor #71 will be the go to book in the long run. The variants coming this Wednesday are great flip books to stock pile on the 1991 issue. The first appearance of X-Factor comes from this series in 1986.

Avengers World (2013) #1 is also a sold out comic this week. Look for the Arthur Adams’ variants to maximize you dollars on this one.

Cataclysm Ultimates Last Stand (2013) #3 will feature a death. Keep your eyes peeled for any surprises. It can be one of those books you see on the local news. Doubt it, but you never know.

The most interesting comic this week has to be Marvel’s Revolutionary War Alpha (2014) #1. It’s the first time in a long time that many UK Marvel heroes will be banding together to fight a threat. Captain Britain would make a spectacular hero on the movie screen wouldn’t he? Maybe Marvel/Disney will someday explore the possible international heroes they have at their disposal one day on film (now watch how many articles come out regarding a wish list of Marvel/Disney international movies. InvestComics leads I tell ya!). So with the ultra-cool Revolutionary War Alpha (2014) #1 coming out this week, it’s always fun to take a look at who is on the team and where they debuted. Below is a quick list and gallery showing who will appear in the comic and their first appearance. From the speculator side, I would without a shadow of a doubt pick these comics up. From a pure gut here, I think Marvel/Disney may be testing the waters with interest to the International scene. Will it deem worthy that they pursue a Captain Britain movie? Who knows?  Happy hunting though!

[scrollGallery id=328]

Captain Britain – First appeared in Captain Britain #1 (1976). Writer Chris Claremont and artist Herb Trimpe! A newspaper print comic cover to cover. Hard to find in Near Mint shape. The Marvel Team-Up with Spider-Man is also dubbed the first appearance of the UK Cap.

Death’s Head – Some controversy surrounds the first appearance here, but many say that the Transformers (UK) #117 from 1987 is the first appearance of DH.

Pete Wisdom – Debuted in Excalibur #86 (1995). Writer Warren Ellis, nuff said.

Motormouth and Killpower – Both debuted in Motormouth #1 (1992). Art by Gary Frank.

Warheads – This team has 10 members in it. All 10 first appeared in this comic. Some died (which means nothing these days really). So the debut of all of these dudes and an appearance from Wolverine. Nice huh?

Get your hands on the Revolutionary War Alpha #1 incentive variant, get some creator signatures (witnessed of course), grade it and sit on in for a while. It could be more valuable later on down the line when Marvel/Disney decide on to crossing international lines.

So what about DC Comics this week? Lots of Marvel Comics talk! Batman Superman (2013 DC) #7 leads the way with a cool sideways issue. Yes this is not a ground breaking gimmick at all, but still very cool nonetheless. InvestComics covered the sideways comic issue in the IC Hot Picks #293 article when DC decided to do the sideways thing with Batman Superman #5. Nothing like killing a unique thing now is there? Fantastic Four was the first major comic to be published in this format. Fantastic Four #252 (1983) is still the mecca of all sideway comics. The X-Factor sideway comic was pretty neat too.

Detective Comics (2011 2nd Series) #27 is an extra mega-sized anniversary issue with a who’s who guest list of creators. Check out the debut of a new storyline “Gothtopia” and a retelling (for the umpteenth time) of Batman’s origin from two heavy weights Brad Meltzer and Bryan Hitch. All this for a hefty $7.99….ouch.

Vampire Diaries (2013) #1 photo variant is sold out. Get the stars of the show to sign this cover and grade it. That’s a nice sale to a Vampire Diaries fan!

Check out the rest of the new comics coming your way this week. All nearing sell outs or sold out at the distributor already. Fracture (2013) Volume 2 #1 from Action Lab Entertainment. Kudos to Action, they have been doing very well with their sell outs. Lil Vampi (2014) #1 (Dynamite Entertainment), B.A.R. Maid (2013 Zenescope) #1, Cavewoman Labyrinth (2013) #0 (Amryl Entertainment), and Minimum Wage (2013 Image) #1.

Remember help get InvestComics to 2000 Likes!

Invest wisely,

Jay Katz

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Marvel Panel San Diego Comic Con Highlights Q&A!

Q: Where are Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy?

A: “Nova and Rocket Raccoon were in the Marvel NOW! teaser for a reason. We’re building toward something big with these characters.” – Axel Alonso

Q: Will we see stories involving Polaris’ past in X-Factor?

A: “Breaking Points. An entire issue answers a major question about her past. And no, it’s not ‘Is Magneto her father?’ He is. X-Factor #243.” – Peter David

Q: Are there plans for Silver Surfer?

A: “We’re taking a long hard look at all the non-Earthbound characters. I grew up in California and surfed. I love The Silver Surfer.” – Axel Alonso

 A: “You will see god-like characters in Thanos: Son of Titan. This series is Thanos learning about the universe around him and the genesis of him becoming who he will be. You’ll be seeing a lot of characters you love and love to hate.” – Sana Amanat “This is Thanos: Year One.” – Axel Alonso

Q: Any plans for Doctor Strange? Big applause.

A: “There’s no absence of love for Doctor Strange. A lot of people have come to us with an interest. We want to do it right. We need to figure out what Marvel magic means, what the rules are. It can’t just be a deus ex machina.” – Axel Alonso

Q: Runaways?

A: “Some Runaways will have a major role in an upcoming new ongoing series not called Runaways. You’ll find out more by September.” – Arune Singh

Q: Cloak & Dagger?

A: “You’re going to get more Cloak & Dagger in Amazing Spider-Man. It’s a great appearance and it will impact Peter Parker.” – Sana Amanat

Q: Will we see the Secret Warriors?

A: “Remember that ongoing book not called Runaways with some Runaways? It will not be called Secret Warriors, but you will see some Secret Warriors there.” – Arune Singh




While I’m concerened about what this means for one of my favorite mutants, Jaime Mardrox, (I don’t see any distinctly multiple man silhouettes back there)I’m thrilled to see the return of aone of my other favorites, Alex “havok” Summers, to Peter David’s X-Factor.


This Winter, Emanuela Lupacchino joins X-Factor scribe Peter David for a roster shakeup that will have everyone talking!

Who else will join HAVOK during X-Men: Regenesis?! Join the conversation on Twitter with #XMenRegenesis!

Written by PETER DAVID
Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW

To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit www.comicshoplocator.com

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit www.marvel.com