InvestComics Hot Picks 5-30-12 Marvel Cosmic Picks Special

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks 5-30-12 Marvel Comics Cosmic Special

Hard to believe that after this new comic book week that 2012 is almost half over already. And what a year it has been so far. Although some may say that December will be the last month of all time, we want to be positive here and believe we’ll see the next chapter within the Avengers movie saga…..

The next movie is going to be epic in so many ways it’s unreal. Simply because of one character and where Marvel will begin to turn its attention. The door has been opened with that smirk of evil after the credits. As said in previous InvestComics articles and Hot Picks for many years, the Marvel Cosmo’s will in fact be the next “Star Wars” of the “outer space” movies. The character Thanos will be the next Darth Vader. Loath him as we all will, but we’ll love him. Who will be Luke? Silver Surfer maybe? How about Captain Marvel? The heroes to choose from are absolutely countless.

The idea that Marvel will pursue their Cosmic Universe is pure speculation here. But why wouldn’t they now? The foundation has been set with one single look from one of the most evil, narcissistic, possessive villains within the Marvel Universe, but his mainstay is within the Cosmic side. Marvel began bringing their Cosmic Universe back to the forefront with a very well put together Annihilation storyline. The Marvel Cosmo’s are about to make another run here and we’re on top of it here at InvestComics.

This week we will cover many of the first appearances from within that vast universe that Marvel has put together. A lot has to be owed to Jim Starlin in regards to help shape this Universe. The Cosmo’s would NOT be the same without HIS creation of Thanos and storylines. It would look and feel vastly different if not for Jim Starlin. Do not kid yourself; Thanos is the center piece of this alternative Universe. If he wasn’t so important, or an integrate part of the grand scale of things, why is he in that last panel in the Avengers movie? If you have not seen Jim Starlin’s Video interview on InvestComics TV, you should really check it out. It so happens that in a case of irony if you will, Martin Pierro of his publishing company Cosmic Times  team’s up with me to conduct the Interview. Martin is also the creator of the successful West Palm Beach comic book show called PalmCon. Do yourself a favor and check that out if you’re down here in Florida. Look for Martin on Facebook too! So back to Jim Starlin here, be sure to check out the 3 part interview that we did with him from his home in upstate New York.  Part 1 is right HERE (in which he talks about the creation of the Thanos character), Part 2 is right HERE (In which he talks about the death of Jason Todd, Captain Marvel and his Dreadstar character), and Part 3 is right HERE (In which he talks about Breed III).

Below you will find an abundance of comic books featuring the first appearances of many Marvel Cosmic characters. These are not by any means all of them, it’s just a guideline list of some that may or may not ever appear in a Marvel Cosmic movie. Rocket Raccoon; although he has been covered before on InvestComics, Actually…… look for Marvel Preview #7 (1976) if you want Rocket’s first. Many of these comics are at a very affordable price’s right now. Get your hands on these at the next Comic show or your local comic shop. You’re sometimes better off getting these at the comic conventions due to the fact that many dealers will make deals with you on a lot that you buy. So with that, let’s check out some more first appearances in no particular order.

Iron Man #55 – The Mecca of everything  Cosmic. The First appearance of Thanos. This comic has been one of the most recommended comics on InvestComics for many years. If there was ever one comic to buy for your collection right now, this would be It.……Or would the next comic be?

Marvel Super-Heroes #12 – Featuring Captain Marvel! The first Captain Marvel. Yes folks, this too needs to be in your collection as of yesterday. If there was ever one comic to buy….no wait, said that already. Well you get the idea here. If Marvel plays their cards right here with the Cosmic movies, Captain Marvel would be the answer to DC’s Superman. Imagine if you will, with all the feeble attempts that DC has tried now with making the “right” Superman movie how Captain Marvel will outdo that character on the screen its first time out. That would be instant victory for the House of ideas (no not InvestComics, Marvel). The potential upticks here for Captain Marvel is simply astounding. Buy this.

Fantastic Four #48 – There needs to be a story told right? In general, in life….even if the stories exist in your own head, it’s still being narrated by ….you! So the question here is, who tells the story when we’re gazing into the galaxy that fills the movie screen? The Watcher of course! Check out his first appearance here. Oh yes, almost forgot. Buying this comic would be a three for one deal. Silver Surfer AND Galactus also make their debut here. So let’s recap here. Buying this comic will get you the narrator of our cosmic films, the possible headlining star and a character that will NOT be a purple cloud next time around? Buy this pronto.

The Infinity Gems – It’s very safe to assume that Thanos will be seeking the gems in the second Avengers film. Here are some of the comics that feature the first look at these gems that the madman craves. Power of Warlock #1, Marvel Team-Up #55 and Avengers Annual #7.  Seek those before Thanos finds them first, we don’t want that!

Incredible Hulk #234 – First appearance of Quasar. Hey one never knows if he’ll ever pop up someplace!

Strange Tales #138 – First appearance of Eternity.

The Eternal #2 – The Celestial first appear here.

Captain Marvel #27 – Jim Starlin revisits this character in one of his many creations later in a historic graphic novel called The Death of Captain Marvel. Death first appears here.

The Cosmic Cube – Another handy item Thanos would love to wrap his purple hands around. Get the first look at the Cosmic Cube in Tales of Suspense #79.

Secret Wars #1 – The Beyonder makes his debut here. If you do not own this limited series, well then you’re not really a comic collector.

Thor #132 – Here’s an obscure but fun first appearance. Ego the Living Planet! Created by Stan Lee and Jack “King” Kirby.

Quasar #24 – First appearance of Infinity.

Giant Sized Defenders #3 – First look at Korvac.

Fantastic Four #20 – First Molecule Man.

X-Man #15 – First appearance of Onslaught. This character sure reeked a lot of havoc over the years.

Fantastic Four #18 – First Super-Skrull.

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So there is a nice list to get you started. Who would you include on this list? Don’t be shy, let your voice be heard!

Okay so let’s take a look at a few comics heading your way this week shall we?

DC’s new 52 will introduce us to the new Mr. Freeze in Batman Annual #1. This villain originally appeared in Batman #121 back in 1959. DC also gives back to the kids again this week with two new “kid friendly” titles. Superman Family Adventures #1 and DC Nation #1. And the last of the number one issues to check out this week from DC is Ravagers #1.

Two independent number one issues to seek this week; Grim Leaper #1 from Image Comics and my very own Vincent Price House of Horrors #1! Yes the First work ever from the owner of InvestComics! Hopefully there will be no delays in this comic coming out, but if you buy the comic and would like it signed, send it to me and I’ll send it back signed for you! Contact me at so that we can get that done!

That’s it for this week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-9-11


hp2911FPInvestComics – Comic Hot Picks for 2-9-11




First thing worth mentioning is this week’s upcoming InvestComics TV show. It features none other than artist of The War of Supermen, Supergirl, and now regular artist of Zatanna, Mr. Jamal Igle. Check out the first of a 2 part sit down with this awesome charismatic creator coming THIS Wednesday, ONLY on  InvestComics TV! 










DC introduces a couple of new charters this week. Keep your eyes open for Batman & Robin #20 with White Knight, as well as Flash #9 with Hot Pursuit. Superman is introduced to the “new” Wonder Woman in Superman #708. The cool thing about this issue is that Superman thinks he knows her already; he just can’t quite place it…..yet. Green Lantern fans will be all over the new Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #7 this week. It’s the prelude to “War of the Green Lanterns”. These Green Lantern event storylines keep on coming! Speaking of Green Lantern, isn’t it wonderful to still see the rivalry between DC and Marvel? This past week comic collectors saw Marvel’s first cover to the Event story named “Fear Itself”. This week DC releases a reprinting of the Green Lantern Fear Itself graphic novel from 1999. Coincidence? No, just some good old fashion competition.











Marvel comes in with a very busy week. Starting with Amazing Spider-Man #654. Marvel promises that “Things will never be the same” theme with this Spidey issue. Maybe one of these days, we’ll all really be shocked and say, “wow, now THAT is changing things!” Will Marvel deliver? Let’s see on Wednesday morning! Switching from changes to secrets, see what Nick Fury has been hiding for decades? Marvel once again beating on the proverbial hype machine drum says this issue will SHOCK you. Well, on to Wednesday morning for another shocker. Make sure to bring your Xanax, it may be a rough morning. Back to Spidey for a second, Ultimate Spider-Man #153 is the beginning of the end for the Ultimate Spider-Man in what looks to be a prelude into the “Death of Spider-Man” story. An interesting blast from the past from Marvel with Power Man & Iron Fist #1 comes out this week. Whatever happened to Cloak and Dagger? Well that’s another story for another time. So with the number 1 issue, we naturally should find when the first time these two heroes hooked up. Look for Power Man (1974) #48. Check out these names attached this comic, ready? Claremont, Byrne, Kane, Sinnott, and Goodwin. Wow that’s some lineup huh? All of this for $14! This is a no-brainer collectors. Anyone remember the 90’s in the comic book world? Everything you bought was going to send your next kid off to college, set up for an early retirement, or buy that new car you wanted. Rob Liefeld was a one of the main reasons for the boom. Collectors either loved him or hated him. Rob seemed to introduce characters, create characters at an alarming rate. Whether it was for Marvel or Image, didn’t matter, collectors loved buying his stuff. Fast forward to 2011. Onslaught #1 will feature, not 1, but 2 covers from Rob Liefeld this week. Both essentially the same exact covers, but who cares?? It’s the 90’s….err wait it’s 2011. Nah, just have fun with it will ya! Onslaught’s first appearance was in X-Man #15 (1996). Buy this comic in some $1 bin at any local comic shop.  We’ll get back to the 90’s in a minute, but want to see a good fight this week? How about Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimate’s #1?










Independents this week feature the return of the 90’s for one book, that one book being Sonic Universe #25. This comic comes complete with a “shiny silver” cover! Cool! Can you say, sold out with the second print being a “shiny gold” cover? Yea, thought so. Tim Seeley, Dan Leister, and Erik Larsen begin the regular ongoing Hack/Slash Ongoing #1. If you missed Tim Seeley’s interview on InvestComics TV, go right here to check it out! Spawn #202 introduces a major new villain. This series is hot right now, so expect a quick sellout on this one. Last but not least, don’t forget to check out the new SpongeBob Comics #1!










See you Wednesday with Jamal Igle-Part 1 ONLY on InvestComics TV! 

Thanks to Comics Price for all pricing in this article.


Invest Wisely.

Jay Katz