archiecomicsprnewkidsFifty brand-new characters storm through the doors of Archie’s Riverdale High School!



archienewkids2New York, NY (November 9, 2010): Archie Comics brings shock and surprise to its readers with “New Kids Off the Wall,” as fifty brand-new characters storm through the doors of Archie’s Riverdale High School! The thrilling six-issue crossover event will bring new faces to Archie’s world, adding incredible diversity to Riverdale and challenging the most loved Archie characters with dramatic new rivalries and budding friendships!

Written by award-winning Archie Comics author Alex Simmons and penciled by superstar Archie Comics artist Dan Parent, the “New Kids” invasion has already begun and continues through December 2010!

“The ‘New Kids’ series will challenge Riverdale’s best to really bring it. Archie is going to have to defend his reputation as the best at what he does and so will everyone else. No one’s going to have it easy,” commented Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater.

New Kids Off the Wall” explodes as nearby Pine Point High School closes due to budget cuts and fifty students and four teachers are transferred to Riverdale High!

Archie and his friends have to step up their game when the new students bring serious competition to Riverdale. A stylish new girl who rivals Veronica, a talented photographer who threatens Betty’s role at the school paper, and a tricky prankster even more cunning and crafty than Reggie are all part of the new mix! Plus, Moose goes head to head with a gargantuan new student, Jughead is hounded by a gaggle of new girls, and Archie finds that the influx of so many new cute guys and gals throws a wrench in his relationships with Betty and Veronica!

archienewkids3As the familiar Archie Comics faces get to know the new ones, they encounter serious challenges to their lives, as the largest single group of new characters in Archie Comics history arrives at Riverdale High!

“New Kids Off the Wall” appears in ARCHIE & FRIENDS #148, ARCHIE #614, BETTY & VERONICA #250, ARCHIE & FRIENDS #149, BETTY #189, AND VERONICA #204. These six exciting issues will be spread over three months.

The full “New Kids Off the Wall” hits comic shops from October 2010 through December 2010. Stay tuned to ArchieComics.com for release dates and further information about the “New Kids” invasion!



































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