Tank Girl comes to Image

One-shot "Tank Girl: Dark Nuggets" to be released in December.

Newsarama reports that Alan Martin and newcomer Rufus Dayglo will bring a one-shot issue, Tank Girl: Dark Nuggets, to Image in December.  Martin describes the one-shot as containing four vignettes:

“It’s four separate stories, all very dark and nasty in subject matter
and execution.  Her friend Barney starts a band
whilst Tank Girl’s getting shot to ribbons; Tank Girl friends beat the
crap out of her; she revisits her old junior school ; and her kangaroo
boyfriend Booga takes a trip to the psychiatrist after a harrowing
ordeal in a donut shop.”

Martin and Dayglo previously released Tank Girl: The Royal Escape with IDW and Tank Girl: Skidmarks with Titan Books.  When asked why they had bounced between three publishers, Martin said, “Hey, I’m a novice at this, no one told me it wasn’t the done thing!  Actually, I guess that’s the very reason we’re doing
it, because you’re not supposed to.”
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Posted originally: 2009-09-23 14:07:48

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