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As I am still preparing my largest article to date I offer you all these wonderful comics to pester your local dealer for while you wait.









Amazing Spider-Man 430, 431

Carnage is back in a big way this month. The new series features three variant covers that are sure to be hot on the back issue market. Carnage has been around a while but there are few appearances of any rarity or value. These two issue are the exception. Low print runs and a decline in popularity during this time make them worth the investment at ten bucks or less in NM.

Next Men Faith TPB

John Byrne’s Next Men is coming back and boy is that good news. One of the best team books of its time, Byrne’s epic deserves to bee in your collection. Most issues are cheap on the back issue market with one obvious rare issue

(featuring the first full color Hellboy). That issue was reprinted in the Next men Faith TPB and it’s quite rare!


Disney Adventures 13 (Darkwing Duck)

Darkwing is hot again with a new series and technically his first comic appearance is in Darkwing Duck #1 but this Disney Mag was released in the same month and is harder to find than the first issue of the mini-series from 1991.

WildC.A.T.S. Trilogy Ashcan

Predating Deathmate Black (and the gold  variant) this Image ashcan is the true first appearance of Gen-13! Limited to 3000 copies.






Marvel Team-Up 141 (Mark Jeweler variant)

On occasion I will be suggesting a MJ variant to you. These variants were regional, military variant distributed across the country. Many are very rare so keep an eye out. This is one of my favorites and I project its value to skyrocket when the next Spider-man or Venom films are released. This issue is the second appearance of Spider-man is the black costume.

(in a Spider-man Series).

Spectacular Spider-Man 90

This book was also published along with Marvel Team-Up 141 and Amazing Spider-Man 252. It is the first appearance of Spidey in his new black costume in the Spectacular title.


Hulk 6

Oddball characters often inspire me to make an investment purchase. In this case the first appearance of Blue hulk was just something I couldn’t pass up. The Hulk has been blue before, once when he assumed the powers of Captain Universe and in his 1998 Annual but those forms do not represent the true blue Hulk. The real one may only be in one panel but I hope we all end up seeing more of him down the line.


DC Comics presents 27

Finally the villain Mongul is seeing a price increase of all his appearances.  This one being the first should get the most attention.  Down the road this book could see dramatic movement so I recommend searching for one immediately.  Mongul has been a major player in recent years and should not be over looked.




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