Comic Broker Report – April 2014

It seems like every day there’s some new announcement for comic film and T.V. adaptations.  Today it’s Superior from Mark Millar!  No matter what it is critical that studios keep putting out films like The Winter Soldier.  As long as that happens studios will continue to harvest the back issues bins and extract things like Squee! and Dreadstar!  Here are this month’s recommendations:

Detective Comics 457


Is Holly Hunter playing Leslie Thompkins in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel?  If she does go grab multiple copies of this one.  Not

Note:  This one is highly speculative.  Nothing has been confirmed.


Ok so Summer Glau is still being type cast but she looks good as Ravager/Rose Wilson, daughter of the mega popular Deathstroke on CW’s Arrow.  As far as I can tell these would be the issues to buy:

Deathstroke 15 ( first Rose Wilson )


Teen Titans 1/2 Wizard ( first Ravager costume? )


Teen Titans Vol. 3  # 8


On the show Summer plays Isabel Rochev who is also a major player in the current comic series and like the comic version, she takes over Oliver’s company.  But Rochev and Wilson are two different people in the comics.  It looks like Arrow’s Rochev is simply a cover identity to hide the Wilson name.  But if you are wondering where Rochev appears first, here ya go:

Green Arrow Volume Four  1B (  1:25 Ethan Van Sciver Variant )


Marvel Graphic Novel 3: Dreadstar

So by now it’s known that Dreadstar is getting the film treatment.  Epic 1,2,3 are all keys if you ask me but this one might prove to be very tough to find in high grade/first print.


This isn’t easy to find either!

Marvel’s 1985 Dreadstar Patch


Green Team 8


So DC announced the return of the Teen Titans.  This is why you are already seeing price jumps for DC Comics Presents 26.  So what does the Green Team 8 have to do with the Titans?  Read the last page of this underprinted DC New 52 title  for a shocker!

Runaways 1


Here’s one I would buy now.  Eventually this Marvel gem will make it to the big screen.  Oh and it’s written by an industry legend.

Dead Letters 1


Other folks on the web have already shed some light on this one.  There are variants for issue one but the print run for the reg cover was so low that I would buy it as well.  This is one you can find on shelves now if your LCS  orders a wide variety of titles.

New Mutants 25


The sequel to X-Men Days of Future Past has already been confirmed by Director Brian Singer.  Once we learned that the Age of Apocalypse story is central to the plot I am sure fans of Legion rejoiced.  Prof  X’s son plays a big role in AOA and if he’s a part of the next film look for this issue to explode.

Warrior 1 ( Signed Only )


Death of a WWE great leads to quick monies.

Invincible 110


Sometimes collecting comics for a long time can make one feel as though they have seen it all.  So when  a comic is released by the creator of the Walking Dead with some truly adult subject matter, collector’s should take notice.  In this case we also have a comic has a pretty low print run.  Demand for this book will climb over the next month but there just aren’t enough to go around.

Note:  I would grab issue 44 as well!

Sword of Azrael 1


This one is cheap and well written.  Because the replacement Batman could end up in a film I suggest a little speculation here.   There’s also a DF signed edition and a Silver Series reprint.

Metal Hurlant 1


This one is impossible to find.    Corben fans should be pleased that this series is on T.V.

I feel Sick 1,2


It’s not just Squee that’s hot!  I suspect all this creator’s comics will continue to set fires for the foreseeable future.

DMZ 14


So Scalped has been optioned ( Thanks to this webpage for informing me! )  Similar to Y the Last Man 37, this issue had a preview of the series most just don’t know about!








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