At the 2013 NYCC Marvel announced  that one of the all time great comic  series will finally be reprinted and finished.  Neil Gaiman looks to deliver arguably one of the most anticipated series conclusions in comic history:


Miracleman man appearances and related material can be lucrative but  difficult to acquire.   Because the original Eclipse series has been unavailable for so long,  it is well known how valuable certain issues are but unclear how the market will react to the shocking news.  Traditionally, reprints reduce the value of first print comics and all trades.  But the first collected editions ( long the holy grail of TPB and hardcover collections )  were never reprinted making them quite rare.   For those who care about value I say this – certain Miracleman comics likely wont see significantly declines.

Miracleman represents an important period in the evolution of popular Sequential Art. It is a highly entertaining and well crafted read.  For the collector there are many rare items to hunt for not limited to ridiculously scarce fanzines and a collectible coin.   Here are some of my favorites!

Crickey 11


Details are scarce on this one,  but like issues of 74992_20061213130008_large it is difficult to acquire in the states.

Daredevils 7


Alan Moore’s death of Miracleman is featured in this ultra rare UK magazine. For the first time Marvelman was represented as Miracleman  making it the first appearance of the character.   His death was also reprinted in X-Men Archives Featuring Captain Britain #4 which is rare in its own right.  Finding this is impossible.  I am willing to trade gold for a NM copy. Also see…

Marvel Superheroes UK 387,388 ( first mention of Miracleman and Miracleman’s gravestone appear )


Golden Age Men of Mystery 4, Men of Mystery 27, 36



Atomeka A1 Sketchbook  ( Variant Cover B&W Sketchbook )


Miracleman 3D ( 2d version )


This mail order gem was made available for purchase for those who couldn’t enjoy it  in 3D.  Thanks to a low print run and the fact that it was only available through the mail, it has become one of the more rare issues from Eclipse.

Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special 1


These swimsuit issues are very rare – odds of finding any in high grade are pretty much at zero.  They are often filled with interviews relevant to both collector and historian, also including many pin ups and previews  you simply cannot find elsewhere.

Eclipse Extra 60


Hellspawn 6


When Todd McFarlane introduced Miracleman’s alter ego in this sub-par series he intended to profit heavily but due to legal issues was prevented from doing so.  Though not terribly difficult to find,  it remains an oddity that every Miracleman collector should own.



This companion is full of tasty treats and is out of print.  It also includes unseen art from the never-published issue #25 that Marvel is going to complete!

“The tragedy of Miracleman was that we published two issues, wrote three and a half – and then it all stopped,” Gaiman said, in an interview with “And Miracleman #25 has been sitting in the darkness – nobody has seen it. It was drawn, it was written, it was lettered over 20 years ago.”


Total Eclipse 4


With Gaiman back at Marvel look for his first Miracleman  work to heat up!

  This entire series from Eclipse is worth owning.








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