Comic Broker Report – March 2014

There is nothing I can say today that will take me away from watching Season one of True Detective in one sitting. You should be doing the same, right after you read this though!

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Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos 27 ( First Eric Koenig )


So Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. still has not sparked the interest as I had hoped it would. Uninteresting characters ( not including Bill Paxton ) will do that but when Patton Oswalt was announced as reformed Nazi Shield Agent Eric Koenig, I started to smile. The ranks of shield could start filling up with some wonderful characters from Marvel’s past but unless the clairvoyant is M.O.D.O.K. I still won’t be pleased.

Young Men 24


Rumors of the Psychotic Captain America, William Burnside appearing as the villain in Captain America 3 have been a hot topic this week. Early reviews of The Winter Soldier have been overwhelmingly positive and Marvel has already started chirping about the third film in the franchise. So who is William Burnside?

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The general consensus is that he first appears here although he may have appeared earlier in All Select 9 ( unconfirmed ). Burnside is an interesting idea for a film antagonist. He’s a man so obsessed with Steve Rogers he tries to become him! It’s also possible he could appear in the film as The Grand Director.

Captain America 231 ( First Burnside as The Grand Director )

first burnside as grand director cap 231

Captain America vol 5.  4, 7 ( 2006 )


These I like because of Brubaker, a man who will go down as the most influential Cap writer of the last 20 years. Though Burnside is only shown via flashback in 7 they could be key down the road. Considering the current importance of Issue 6, 6b,1 and the,14 reprint- I would buy now and hold.  Cap 153-155 are a good Bronze Age bet too!

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Amazing Spider-Man 359, 360


Collectors and buyers love them some ASM 361 and the 361 2nd print but Carnage’s roots can be traced back to issue 354. These issues remain key to the development of the character despite their awful covers. Also, the cover to issue 361 is published first in issue 359.

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Green Arrow ( new 52 ) 24 – 1 for 25 Variant Cover by Andrea Sorrentino. Arrow continues to surprise viewers with excellent episodes. Bodyguard to Oliver Queen John Diggle is the best example of this. He has become so popular that Jeff Lemire introduced him into the mainstream DCU in this issue:

arrow 24 first john diggle

but he actually appeared a little earlier in this 1:5 variant, out of continuity comic:

arrow 1 first john diggle

Note: There regular cover for this series is a photo cover.

Oni Color Special 2001

Ellen Page is going to star in Rucks’s Queen and Country. I have mentioned Queen & Country 1 & the FCBD issue when the property was first optioned by Fox. Don’t sleep on this issue though.  It features a very Early appearance of Tara Chace and one of her only appearances outside of Queen & Country. The Powers appearances and cover don’t hurt either now that it too has been optioned by Sony for the Ps4.


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Action Comics 835 ( first in Continuity Livewire ), Superman Adventures 5  

supe adv 5 first livewire1081527

Here’s some major speculation for you. Much like Squirrel Girl, I love oddball first appearances of cool characters that could see increases in value down the road.  Livewire represents what I love most about comics and selling them for profit. The key appearances of Livewire are cheap. They are a safe bet and if you buy them you will probably want to hang on to them whether the market on them changes or not.

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The Clone Wars 1 ( First Ahsoka Tano )

lStar Wars Clone Wars 1 first Tano

With Disney and Marvel taking over from Dark Horse a new era for Star Wars Begins. Over the last 20 years, there hasn’t been much to rave about in the way of new characters though. Tano is one great exception.  Grab her first appearance now especially if your a fan of a universe experiencing a major shift in structure.

Note: There is a variant for this limited to 1000 copies.

UPDATE:  Are the Hunters the next big problem for Rick and company on AMC’s The Walking Dead?  Seeing how appearances of supporting characters are lighting up Ebay, issues 61-66 ( Fear the Hunters ) will be even harder to acquire if this rumor proves to be true. 61 and 63 are already key books thanks to the first appearance of Chew.


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Nova 19 ( First Appearance Marcus Daniels, Blackout )


Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to add villains! I just hope Blackout doesn’t wear his original costume!

The Inhumans 11


Korath the Pursuer is coming to the GOTG film. Yay.

I’m not sure if this movie can handle any more characters but in this case, the 35 cent price variant is the one to track down!

Invest wisely. Read comics.

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4 thoughts on “Comic Broker Report – March 2014

  1. Hi, first of all thanks for ALL your insights! I’am from Romania and I am closely following your posts. Congrats! : )

    Secondly, an off topic question – do you believe the market value of X-Men 141/142 would DECREASE after the Days of Future Past is aired or, au contraire, it’ll continue rising?
    What is usually the trend?

    Thank you in advance and keep up the good work! : )

  2. Thank for reading! As far as those X-Men issues, I would sell just before release of the film. Those comics have always had value and should not drop off too much after the release unless the movie is a HUGE flop. This is the chance one always takes when speculating. The same goes for UXM 282, UXM 317,317 regular edition and New Mutants 16.

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