Comic Broker Report – November 2013

Speculation runs rampant this week!  In today’s comic collecting world the TV/Film adaptation is king. If it’s rumored to be optioned or developed the online market can heat up quick ( see Alias #1 on Ebay ).

Iron Man 17 ( 1:100 Sketch Variant )


The reaction to Iron Man’s tweaked origin has been met with mixed reviews. Either way this book should prove to be key down the road especially if Marvel brings back a particular Iron Man from the near future.

The Avenger Magazine 1-24  Shadow Comics 2


The CW looks to option everything they can. This long forgotten Pulp hero has some interesting powers and could make for an intriguing show.  Issues of the original series and appearances from Shadow Comics are very rare in any condition.

Batman Noel


Lee Bermejo’s over-sized GN is a good read and worth a look for any Batman fan. As rumors continue to pile up concerning the upcoming Superman Batman film collector’s are already starting to scramble for key comics. If you are wondering what Affleck’s Batman is going to look like this design is currently the frontrunner.

New Avengers 10 & Infinity 4 1:150 Variant

Infinity_4_CoverVariantStegmannew avengers 10 first thane

Thanos has a son and that means a first appearance that’s likely worth tracking down. Like Kamal Khan we won’t know for some time if he will spark the  interest of collectors but it’s a good bet. These days most things Thanos related are doing well ( See Avengers 157! )

Uber 1/2 ( Bleeding Cool Magazine )


As much as I dislike this series one cannot deny it’s popularity amongst collectors. In the tradition of Wizard Magazine this 1/2 issue should appeal to many. Only available in the print publication of BC it’s going to be hard to come by.

Infinity Inc 20,21 ( Hourman 2 )

As stated above comic studio options are the flavor of the month but Hourman? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy when almost any comic makes the leap to the screen but there are definitely more deserving characters. The other question is which Hourman will they use? The first appearance of the original Hourman is pricey but if they use his son these will rise fast.

Clint 8


Last month I mentioned Who is Jake Ellis? and it’s impending adaptation.  The regular series issues will be tough to find so go and buy this over-sized reprint of the same title. It’s rare only available in this size here and a highly enjoyable read that features other impressive comics from Mark Millar!

Tales of the Teen Titans 44


Here’s a George Perez classic that’s already hot on the back issue market! Featuring the first appearance of Dick Grayson as Nightwing, this comics is sure to remain a highly sought after  issue for years to come. Like Batman Noel, if rumor’s of Nightwing’s inclusion in the next film are true this one will become the hottest comic in some time.

Green Lantern 21 Sketch variant ( first Relic )


When someone like Geoff Johns leaves a title like GL there is sure to be some fall off in readership but if you have been missing the latest event you should be ashamed of yourself. Relic and his quest to extinguish lantern light has been a fresh and original read, something hard to come by from DC these days. (excluding Batman and anything by Jeff Lemire)

Alias 1, Amazing Spider-Man 4, Amazing Spider-Man 601

Alias_Vol_1_1 background

Technically Alias 1 is the first appearance of Jessica Jones until Marvel retconned her via flashback in AMS 601 making her first appearance in AMS vol. 1 issue 4.

With a Netfix series on the way look for her appearances to increase in value.

House of Mystery Annual 1 ( 2009 )


Mike Allred’s izombie has also been optioned for TV. This one might just be the sleeper of the month! It’s hard to come by and filled with great stories from other outstanding creators.




Incredible Hulk 178 ( first appearance of the infinity gems )


Here’s a rumor that actually may prove to be right.  Thanks Benicio Del Toro!



So Ben Affleck isn’t just the Caped Crusader, he’s also getting into the adaptation of wonderful espionage comics!  Sleeper is one of Brubaker’s best.  Look for these to blow up soon:

Point Blank 3: First Carver

Sleeper 1

WildC.A.T.S. 21: First Tao

Point_Blank_3 index27050_20060303155337_large


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