Comic Broker Report – September 2014

Everyone likes a quickie.  Enjoy!

Venom Lethal Protector 1 ( Gold, Newsstand, Black Cover Error )

First Appearance of Ann  Weying


These days many people have been infected with Venom.  Marvel has actually done a pretty good job in this area.  Mania may be my favorite but Ann Weying is right behind her!

Her best cover by far!


Dark Horse Insider 6


Sam Rami made a bit of a splash at this years SDCC by announcing a possible TV show for his Evil Dead property!  First appearance of Ash and the famous book bound in skin is in this hard to find preview series.

Earth x  0 ( First Female Thor )

thor earth x

Earth X 005-000

Despite being set in a different time and alternate Universe this is the first appearance of a female Thor.  If you can find a depiction of a woman wielding the power of Thor prior to this book please let me know!  So why is a female Thor important?  Well it looks like Marvel is changing some things including the sex of one one of its most popular heroes.  Bad idea?  Time will tell but until then there is sure to be a lot op speculation on who will hold the hammer.

Tales of Suspense 59 ( First appearance of Jarvis )


The upcoming Agent  Carter show will feature a familiar face, the original Jarvis.  With all the hype J.A.R.V.I.S. is getting surrounding Avengers 2 it sure is nice to hear that one of the Avengers most beloved characters will be showing up on the small screen.

Sensation Comics 1: First Wildcat


Wildcat may be coming to season 3 of Arrow but your chances of finding his first is pretty much zero.  The cover is pretty cool though so I decided to post it for you all!  That’s if for this month!





Oh and I really want this SDCC treat!



12 thoughts on “Comic Broker Report – September 2014

  1. I guess I should have also put the year published Aug. 1978. 1st appearance of Thordis. Pretty cool cover.

  2. I read What If #114 vol. 2 (Nov. 1998) last night and in it is a female Thor. Though she is also the daughter of Captain America and has his shield at the same time. Her name is Sarah. Also, # 66 (Oct. 1994) of vol. 2 has Rogue wielding Thor’s Hammer.

  3. The first appearance of the female Thor from Earth-9997 is in this series. The male Thor is transformed into a female. I am currently trying to determine which issue this transformation happens in.

  4. Yup you are correct, I have fixed this post. Earth x 5 is her first. I cannot find any earlier images in any other issue or in any promo from Marvel or Wizard Magazine.

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