The Future of Hercules Revealed?

Grek Pak reveals the future of Hercules in this snippet form an interview. Read on if you want to know…

Rich Johnston from Bleeding Cool points us in the direction of this upcoming Comicus interview with Greg Pak. When asked directly abotu Hercules’ upcoming "funeral" and whether it will mean the end of the character or the book, Pak revealed the following:

I won’t be coy — the simple answer is no! The “Incredible Hercules” saga will continue — starting in May with Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1! Anyone who’s been following Incredible Hercules won’t want to miss Prince of Power — which is also a great jumping-on point for anyone interested in finding out what the book’s all about. Prince of Power marks the beginning of the big third act of the epic story Fred Van Lente have been telling since the beginning of our “Incredible Hercules” run. And it features the return of beloved “Thorcules” artist Reilly Brown — and Thor himself! Amadeus Cho is undertaking the most insane mission of his life, and Marvel’s mighty world of mythology may never be the same!

Source: Bleeding Cool, Comicus

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Posted originally: 2010-02-11 14:17:06

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