The Hobbit Pushed Back to Late 2012

The prequel to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy has seen its release date pushed back.

ComingSoon reports on statements originally found in an article on Variety which explain the reasoning behind Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. One reason behind the setback could be the restructuring of MGM, the company that shares the rights to the two-film project with New Line. In any case, the delay sets the movie back a year later than it’s original release date of December, 2011. Casting is not yet complete on the project. HEre are the relevant quotes from the original Variety article:

Once the script for the second film is in — Jackson and his longtime collaborators Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens are working on it with Del Toro — New Line will work up a budget for both films and start casting. New Line exec Michael Disco, who was once Emmerich’s assistant, will oversee for the studio.

Horn won’t predict when the first of the two "Hobbit" films will be out, but says the most probable scenario would be a release in the fourth quarter of 2012.

"It’s a big bet for us. But it’s one we think will pay off given the success of ‘Lord of the Rings,’" says Emmerich. "This is one of the few movies it feels like people are waiting for."

Source: ComingSoon, Variety

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Posted originally: 2010-01-24 15:50:23

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