Over on DC’s THE SOURCE blog, TITANS writer Eric Wallace discussed the new storyline, THE METHUSELAH IMPERATIVE, that begins in TITANS ANNUAL #1 and heads to the main series as of issue 37.

According to WALLACE (and the covers) we’ll see the JLA, witness how ROY HARPER’s encounter with DICK GRAYSON helps or hurts his chances at redemption, and see a shift in OSIRIS and ISIS’ relationship as Osiris continues his quest to restore BLACK ADAM. Plus, we’ll see the story fans have been waiting for, as the original ATOM, Ray Palmer, finally catches up with the team that killed RYAN CHOI, the new, now late, Atom. Here’s some of what Wallace had to say:

First of all, this is our biggest story yet since Deathstroke took over the team. Some of the action in the TITANS ANNUAL (part one of “The Methuselah Imperative”) is pretty intense. Readers are going to love when they see what artist Cliff Richards has accomplished. The only way to describe it is “epic.” It’s exactly why we all love it when big superhero teams like the JLA meet up with a group of nasty villains like our current roster of Titans. You just know carnage will ensue.

For more, go to DC’s THE SOURCE blog.


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