THE VIGILANTE PROJECT gears up for a big debut at L.A.’s COMIKAZE EXPO

The guys over at YVETTE AVENUE PRODUCTIONS have sent us a cool peek at their upcoming comic, THE VIGILANTE PROJECT. While the book debuts at L.A.’s COMIKAZE EXPO, the gang is already hard at work adapting it for the screen.  Here’s their Press release with a teaser slide.
October 17, 2011. 
The California-based company, Yvette Avenue Productions is today announcing the  long-awaited “Vigilante Project: The Confessional” – an independent comic book that will  officially launch November 5, 2011 at the Comikaze Expo being held in Los Angeles at the  Convention Center.
Vigilante Project is the inventive child of creators Chris Dickens and Phil Morgenthaler. Friends since Junior  High School, they grew up as neighbors on a street called Yvette Avenue. For Vigilante  Project: The Confessional they relied heavily on the experience and knowledge of Lars  Swearingen III of Phoenix Fire Entertainment. Together they formulated an amazing,  international team of talent consisting of Chris Campana who supplies pencils,
Nik Poliwko providing inks, Jarrett Arthur contributing color, and Clayton Neal adapting the script to comic book  format.
Vigilante Project: The  Confessional will début fascinating and unique characters living separate, colorful  lives. However, at the heart of every issue is Father Charlie Contreras, a middle-aged, Latino  priest at St. Jude Catholic Church in New York City. Co-Creator Phil Morgenthaler states “We  liked the Father Contreras character so much, that he became the
central figure of the  comic book.”
The primary story arc  and the Vigilante Project film follow Alvin Gentry, an ordinary college student with a dark  past, as he tracks down the man responsible for the kidnap, rape, and murder of his sister.  When he discovers that there is more to his sister’s disappearance than meets the eye, Alvin  must take on more than he ever expected to save another little girl
being held by the same  man.
The film which will be  completed at a later date has already started to take shape and Chris Dickens, Executive  Producer is proud to announce the script’s completion. He states “It’s new, exciting, and  best of all we have a script ready to go and talent attached.”
Vigilante Project is  also proud to announce that they have partnered with, Killing The Grizzly, a Los Angeles  literary agency that represents both film and graphic novels. Chris Dickens said “Needless  to say, we’re excited and can’t wait to see where we go from here. We couldn’t have  partnered up with a better agency to represent who we are, and what we’re about.”
If you would like more  information on the Vigilante Project then contact Chris  at or
visit the websites
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