This is the Double Sized End!

The page count is increasing for THE SWORD’s finale.

Berkeley, CA – 11 March 2010 – Image Comics announced today that critically acclaimed series THE SWORD by the Luna Brothers will get a double-sized send off. THE SWORD #24 is increasing its page count to 40 pages, with a cover price of $4.99.
"Like GIRLS #24, we absolutely needed more pages to tell the final issue of The Sword," said artist Jonathan Luna. "We were trying to fit it all in 22 pages, but there’s just so much to tell. We hope everyone enjoys more story!"
Joshua Luna added: "This is the ending we’ve been keeping a secret and
dying to reveal since this series’ conception, so we cannot wait until
readers get their hands on it."
couldn’t be more excited about the conclusion of the Luna’s third
miniseries at Image," stated Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson.
"They’ve created yet another extraordinary series with THE SWORD and
this double-sized final issue of THE SWORD is the send off the series
and its fans deserve!"
SWORD tells the story of Dara Brighton, a young woman who witnesses the
murder of her family at the hands of three very powerful elemental
beings who are after a sword in her father’s possession. In the
aftermath, Dara attains the sword, which gives her incredible abilities
beyond her wildest imagination. In THE SWORD #24, Dara Brighton’s epic
quest for revenge against the three elementals who murdered her family
comes to its conclusion.
SWORD #24 (MAR100401), a 40-page full color comic book for $4.99, will
be in stores May 12, 2010. Also available are THE SWORD: FIRE,
collecting issues #1-6; THE SWORD: WATER, collecting issues #7-12; and
THE SWORD: EARTH, collecting issues #13-18.

The Sword Double Sized Finale

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