Thursday’s Tantalizing Tales: From Red Hulks to Anime Marvels

Hulk #1 from 2008, we witness the grand entrance of the Red Hulk. Yes, because the Hulk family apparently needed more colors in its rainbow. Akira #1 from 1988, marking not just the first American appearance of Kaneda and Tetsuo but also Marvel Comics’ flirtation with anime. Groundbreaking? Absolutely. Surprising? Only to those who thought Marvel was all capes and no Katsuhiro Otomo. Next up, Fightin’ 5 #40 from the Swinging Sixties introduces Peacemaker. Before he was charming (or terrifying) audiences on screen, he was causing a ruckus in the pages of comics, proving that peace is sometimes achieved with a punch. Crystar #1 from 1983, because why not throw Crystal Warriors into the mix? It’s as if someone said, “You know what comics need? More gemstone-based characters. Stepping out from the shadows with flair, The Shadow #1 (1973) revives the art of origin storytelling. With a cloak of mystery and a penchant for the dramatic, this issue redefines why lurking in the darkness can be a hero’s best asset. Last but certainly not least, Amazing Spider-Man #210 (1980) spins a web around Madame Web’s first appearance, tying in neatly with a movie that’s teetering on the edge of everyone’s expectations.

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