Tom DeFalco Confirms New Spider-Girl Comic

The Spider-Girl writer confirms a new Spectacular Spider-Girl print comic! Details inside.

Here is the word, from Tom DeFalco himself:

Hi, Gang!

Here’s the deal on the new Spectacular Spider-Girl monthly…

1) The first issue is 40 pages for $3.99…but future issues will be 22 pages for $2.99.

2) Spider-Girl’s adventures will continue in Marvel Digital.

3) She’ll also appear in print in SPECTACULAR (although the 11th story–the one tht comes out in April–will still appear in WEB.)

4) With the excepting of our first issue, each issue of SPECTACULAR will contain…1) A lead Spider-Girl story…2) An all-new MC-2 back-up…and 3)a one-page Little Bengy story. (Alas, he won’t appear in the first issue!)That’s a whole lot of story for $2.99 because you guys are WORTH IT!

If you want this comic, I suggest you put it on your pull list. Comic book retailers rarely stocked SPIDER-GIRL in the past and I doubt they’ll change now.

Our first issue has an American Dream backup and we’re planning the Buzz for issue #2.

The gang and I area taking special care to make sure that SPECTACULAR #1 will be accisible for people who don’t usually read Spider-Girl, but that won’t really mean much to you guys.

Hope that tells you all you need to know!

Thanks for being there! You’re the reason why Marvel’s giving us another chance!

Tom D.

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Posted originally: 2010-02-13 15:21:18

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