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Comic book website CBR gathered all of the X-title editors for a giant Q&A abotu the future of the X-universe today. Read some of the highlights here!

Head on over to CBR to check read this full article and see preview art from the upcoming X-Necrosha, Pixie Strikes Back, Deadpool Team-Up, and more! Here are some of the highlights:

On the third act of the Messiah Trilogy:

AXEL ALONSO: The event
will be structured more or less like “Messiah CompleX,” starting with a
one-shot, cutting across four monthly titles for three months, and
winding up in a double-sized one-shot. More details to be announced

On X-Woman Storm:

running back and forth between Wakanda and San Francisco has caused a
slight decline in her screentime in the X-books, be assured that Storm
still plays an important role in the X-Universe. Not only is she one of
the most powerful X-Men, but the fact that she’s mutant royalty makes
her invaluable. Keep an eye on upcoming issues of “Uncanny” for more on
this, especially as the X-Men build their own sovereign nation –

And if it’s simply some awesome Storm action
you’re looking for, keep an eye out for “Astonishing X-Men” #31. It
just so happens that both myself and artist Phil Jimenez have a love of
your favorite windrider…

On returning mutants in X-Men Necrosha:

not a mathemagician, but I can definitively say that “fifty plus” is an
understatement, although I’m going to leave the exact number to experts
Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. But the title alone should give you a pretty
good idea about how many we’re dealing with, and, without getting into
specifics, there are going to be a lot of gut-wrenching reunions that
definitely don’t turn out the way anyone dreamed they might.

On Magneto:

NICK LOWE: Check out “Uncanny” starting with

Deadpool Team-Up

Uncanny X-Men



Believe it or not, this is merely a sampling of what you’ll find in the full article !

Source: CBR

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