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Avengers Assemble Omega #1 – This issue will be Jason Aaron’s final Avengers issue. He’s had a five-year run and it all boils down to this last issue. Marvel will be pulling out all of the stops for this one. A bunch of artists and surprise storytelling await this Wednesday.  
Superboy The Man Of Tomorrow #1 – FIRST APPEARANCE (cameo?) ALERT. The Cosmoteer or the Cosmoteers.
Warlock Rebirth #1 – FIRST APPEARANCE ALERT, Eve Warlock. Writer Ron Marz and artist Ron Lim.
We’re going to turn the clock a bit on the whole Marvel Cosmic Universe speculation market. InvestComics called the entire Marvel cinema cosmic universe back in 2005. For those who are math-challenged, that equates to eighteen years ago. Well before Marvel Studios ever expressed an inkling as to where their story was headed regarding their cosmic verse. Back in 2005, our website was a flash-driven site where Thanos appeared to open up our site with the Infinity Gauntlet. Our OG followers can and would attest to that. Heck, we’ll post the YouTube video we made showing the original site opening……

We’re not trying to boast or show anyone up, we’re simply trying to educate new readers and fans that we are the real deal. Being the first (and longest-running) comic book speculation site gives us the deserved clout on being the best there ever was at it. In today’s market, everyone is an expert and the information is solely reliant on the next movie, tv, or animation announcement. That wasn’t where we nestled, wasn’t our full bag, we relied on pure instincts and years of playing in the market. During the New Mutants #98 tank era, we were informing collectors to buy that comic up from the $5 bins. We informed readers to buy Iron Man #55 when it was $100. Gifted fans with a Spider-Verse checklist 5 years before the animated movie hit. Moon Knight’s first appearance (we stated a ridiculous amount of times since 2005) to buy at $100. On and on we can go, but here are a few things we said about the Marvel Cosmic Universe some 14 years ago…….
“…..Warlock, Drax, Guardians of The Galaxy, Quasar, Terrax and Captain Marvel!!  With that said where is the epic Marvel ‘Space’ movie?  The Cosmo’s await their turn on the silver screen…..”
“…….Thanos should be in serious consideration for a Marvel movie. Think about all of the Marvel movies that have come out, all “good” guys. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a villain wreaking havoc on some innocent people then have Warlock show up, or better yet a “Cosmic team” Guardians of the Galaxy?…..”
“……As any fan of InvestComics already knows, we have been a buyer for many years on anything Adam Warlock. Adam’s first appearance as “HIM” was in Fantastic Four #67 (1967). His first appearance as Warlock was in Marvel Premiere #1 (1972). Both of these comics and anything in-between are solid comics to own…..”
And here’s a Moon Knight quote for sh*t’s and giggles…..“….Moon Knight’s first appearance could be picked up for $100 these days in some markets. That is an absolutely ridiculous buy……”
With that all said, we’re looking at a possible quickie, cash, and grab here with the first appearance of Eve Warlock. Speculation will depend on whether this character will have any substance as time goes by. Will she appear in a bigger role eventually? Will Marvel/Disney push the character out to the masses making her impossible to not see her everywhere in the Marvel Universe? We do not foresee the latter here, but a bigger role down the line someday is a possibility. With the creative team of Marz and Lim, we are certain to receive a fantastic/reliable story.
The variant covers are stellar as well. Warlock wearing the Gauntlet is badass. Howard the Duck wears the glove for the first time on his variant cover.
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