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Action Comics #1053 – First appearance alert! The first appearance of Necrohive.
If you haven’t noticed, DC Comics has given their Superman character a new bump as of late. This is mostly due to all of the announcements from DC Studios head, James Gunn. Out of all of the films Mr. Gunn announced, there are two in particular that cannot, under any circumstances, fail. Any Batman or Superman film. If one of those two fail, a box office “flop”, DC studios will shut their doors. James Gunn tweeted recently asking something like, “The underwear or not?”
This of course is all speculation, but their flagship characters cannot afford to take a hit on the big screen in any way. Now, back to the recent uptick in trying to move the needle with these Batman and Superman comic titles. There has been a huge resurgence within the DC Comics compound to make Superman, not so much Batman, but Superman more modern if you will. The Batman character has sustained its steady interest with comic fans and non-comic book fans. Superman on the other hand has waned a bit and DC knows this. This is why the massive overhaul has taken place. Notice the number one issues? The fanfare text on the covers? The massive influx of new characters? All of this is done by design to garner interest for a character that has lost its way a bit. Hence all of the “in your face” Superman candy. Will this work? Maybe. The one thing comic fans always ask for is a good Superman story. That’s what it all comes back to. One can introduce new characters and new number-one issues all they want, but at the end of the day, you better have some substance. We have always said this.
Deadpool #5 – In this comic, Carnage literally breaks out of Deadpool’s body (see cover for proof). So we will have a Carnage/Deadpool mash-up appearance here. Also, we noticed one of the variant covers has the character Slapstick on it. So so random, but we like it. InvestComics has spoken for years about this dude (Slapstick #1 – 1992 – First appearance), but to no avail, with little to no interest in the masses. We really don’t give a rip, but when a walking shark named Jeff gets their own Marvel comic book this week, it truly makes you scratch your head. In a head-to-head first appearance contest between Slapstick and Jeff The Land-Shark, Slapstick gets his ass handed to him. More on Jeff in a little bit, but that Nauck Slapstick variant is dope AF. 
Ambassadors #1 – Speaking of stories, here’s an interesting concept from writer Mark Millar. This person/alien or whatever on the cover has to choose only six people on earth to have superpowers. Who do they choose? Will humans be unaware of this dilemma? Or will they know and vie for attention to prove they’re worthy of those superpowers? Or will it be utter chaos? Or will it turn to violence and death? So many questions, and the beginning of our answers arrive this Wednesday. The first issue will feature superstar artist Frank Quitely. What more can a comic reader/collector ask for here? For real real. 
Indigo Children #1 – New Image Comics sci fi/mystery series from writers Curt Pires and Rickwell White. Art by Alex Diotto.    

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