Top 5 Comics Arriving This Wednesday 12-21-22

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The Top 5 Speculation/Trending Comics arriving on new comic book day. New Comics arriving 12/21/22.
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Batman One Bad Day – Catwoman #1 – These “One Bad Day” Batman stories are very good. Giving fans some great storytelling with fantastic visuals as well. Inside these pages, readers will be introduced to Forger. We know Jack Kirby’s Forager, not too sure who this will be. Maybe a typo on DC’s part? Probably not, so look for a possible first appearance here. 
Mary Jane & Black Cat #1 – Although it’s been done time after time, Mary Jane will get superpowers. Maybe this time it’ll stick and she’ll be a new hot superhero in the Marvel Universe? Who knows really? With writer Jed Mackay on board, it’ll definitely be a page turner.   
Dark Web Ms. Marvel #1 – Marvel calls this comic “a bold and badass new vision of Ms. Marvel.” 
Titan Mouse Of Might #1 – From Blood Moon Comics, we are graced with the modern-day Mighty Mouse; Titan. 
Alien #4 – Marvel (Disney) is adding more substance to the franchise they’re building from the ground up. These are the early days of an Alien movie eventually headed your way one of these years. Collect all Alien and Predator comic books from Marvel, one or two or entire series will pay dividends once the movie is based on the book. A character or maybe even a new monster, like in this comic. Yes, a new monster emerges and you have a heads up now. 

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