Top 5 Comics Arriving This Wednesday 12-28-22

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The Top 5 Speculation/Trending Comics arriving on new comic book day. New Comics arriving 12/28/22.
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Action Comics #1050 – A huge anniversary 1050th issue with so many variant covers, we’ve lost count. DC Comics will be pulling out all of the stops on this one and is giving the old promise “this issue changes everything.” They also promise that this is the beginning of a “new era” for Superman. A lot of fanfare here and we all know this usually amounts to a whole lot of nothing. Maybe this time will be different for some reason. Maybe it won’t. Either way, you definitely owe it to yourself to check out this issue to see what all the hype and fuss is about. A slew of top-tier comic book creators lend their talents to this extra-size issue. Superman vs Lex is supposed to enter into another level too. We’ll see, we’ll see…..  
Star Wars The High Republic The Blade #1 – Here’s a huge speculative comic perhaps in the making here. The first appearance of Barash. That’s it. Yep, that’s enough to make this comic a buy, a keeper, a big book.  
Harley Quinn #25 – And here’s another potentially big speculative comic this week. The first appearance of The Harley Who Laughs. A few variant covers are available with this debut, but the caged mask cover would be a first appearance cover as well for the new character. You may want to stay on top of this one. Or any of the covers really, but the cover showcasing the new character will be the prize. 
Strange Academy Finals #3 – Rumor has it there are more first appearances happening in this series this Wednesday. 
Doctor Strange Fall Sunrise #2 – New characters make their debut. 








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