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The Top 5 Speculation/Trending Comics arriving on new comic book day. New Comics arriving 4/26/23.
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Please note: New comic book releases and all items are subject to change.
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Strange Academy Finals #6 – This was due last week, but here we are again. InvestComics gave all y’all a heads-up a few of years ago about Strange Academy upon its release. It exploded in the aftermarket. You’re welcome, (have you seen our donation links?). Now we are arriving at the end of this story. Nothing has changed as far as our outlook regarding Strange Academy. Just a matter of time before the second explosion occurs with an announcement about a film or animation release.  
Star Wars Darth Vader Black White And Red #1 – The Marvel Black, White, And Red series’ are always a fan favorite in the sense they bring top talents with new stories, told in 3 colors. The creative talent level is mostly top-tier, so fans are getting the best of the best here. Darth Vader receives the three-color treatment with creator Peach Momoko leading the way (writing and drawing). That’s a ridiculous start. Then, writer Jason Aaron will weave a four-part Vader sub-tale. A certain treat here for collectors and Star Wars fans alike. We are all in.     
W0rldtr33 #1 – This soon-to-be new Image Comics series was delayed from last week. Better to delay the first issue than right in the middle of a story. Ask Saga how that delay worked for them. Writer James Tynion IV, artists Fernando Blanco and Jordie Bellaire.
The Ambassadors #3 – Six people on earth have to be chosen to receive superpowers. Each issue brings a new chosen one. Who knows if one of these superheroes would ever break out into their own comic book one day? Maybe become a household name? Never know, it could happen and it would all stem from here. Writer Mark Millar has a knack for tapping into the human side of the superhero genre, so maybe it’ll happen. If it does, don’t forget to tell the world InvestComics told you so! If not, well, you’re getting a great story anyway, so a win-win here for you.
Alien #1 – Here we now have, the third Disney Aliens volume, another number one Aliens issue from Marvel. Are the masses so gullible that they keep taking the bait here with the number one printed on the cover? Okay, there is one exception pertaining to this franchise though. The mere fact that when Disney finally does get around to gifting us all with a new Aliens franchise, they will probably borrow from one of these Marvel Comic book stories. Which one is as good a guess as any, that’s why we implore any collector to continue to purchase any Aliens or Predator comics from Marvel. This new volume promise to usher in the “new era” of Aliens. Not exactly sure what this could mean, but we’re here for it. Maybe a new Aliens race? Their first villains besides “humans”. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get that huge Aliens introduction comic every speculator has been pining for. We know the story will be badass. Writer Declan Shalvey always pleases the comic book crowd. Artist Andrea Broccardo joins in on the “new era”.
As for “number one” comic releases arriving at a furious pace the last few years ( a lot of years now), we have always guided the speculator to be informed and to be on top of the debut issue. In what sense you may ask? The actual number one on a comic cover has definitely lost its way for quite some time now. It simply does not mean as much as it did many years ago. Anyone remember Todd’s Spidey? Lee’s X-Men? The Legends Of The Dark Knight? Those comics and many others were a big deal at the time because starting up a new Spider-Man book or X-Men comic with such a creative powerhouse was a momentous thing. These days, not so much. Actually, not a big deal at all. Heck, a new Hulk number one issue arrives in a couple of months. Here are the three mitigating factors that go into having a number one issue actually meaning something on the speculation side. One, Is there a major first appearance inside the issue? Is it a cameo though or a full first? The ones with the most money, most copies, and the most market push will predetermine the cameo/full appearance debate. The actual collectors don’t. You’re not that special. The question about the first appearance then becomes a bit of a 50/50 personal choice. You ask yourself, will this new character sustain longevity or is this a B-lister in the making? Hard to determine, but a bit of homework should help. Look ahead to see if the new character will pop up in future flagship comics. If so, maybe the said company has bigger plans for them? It’s all speculative, got it? The second factor you look for is the variant cover that includes the new character on it. That particular comic is way more valuable if the spec market takes off. Sometimes the new character appears on multiple variant covers, which brings us to the third factor. If this happens, the ratio book will win most of the time. If it’s 1:25 or 1:50, it usually wins. We say “usually” wins because in some cases, a “prettier”, more attractive cover turns the spec market in that direction. It’s all a game, you have to stay on top of it. The market quickly fluctuates too, so if you think you may have a dud, sell, sell, sell. The market will crash and you will never recoup your top dollar. You’ll have to work your portfolio that much harder to get into the black.

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