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Void Rivals #1Anytime you place writer Robert Kirkman in a new setting, introducing new characters and a universe, you will have a sold-out comic. Not only will Robert Kirkman team with artist Lorenzo De Felici again, but there is a secret “shared universe” and “surprise” fans will not see coming, according to Image Comics. There is a “spoiler” redacted cover with the obvious reveal we are all being kept from until Wednesday. Our guess? Invincible. Buy the first print here because if you wait on it, you’ll be in the second print camp.
Black Panther #1 – This brand new relaunch starts off with writer Eve L Ewing and artist Chris Allen. Marvel promises to usher in a new era here with new villains and heroes. Will we get something right away in the first issue? Probably.

Spider-Man India #1 – It’s hard to believe that Marvel debuted this character in 2005 and they have not revisited a number one issue again. A CGC 9.8 graded Spider-Man India (2005) sold for $300 a week ago. An appearance in the new Spider-Verse film is the obvious push here. Does that really warrant the high sales price though? Maybe there will be bigger plans for Spider-Man India now that the fans have responded in a very positive way. With the super push within Marvel’s diverse universe these days, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to actually see Spider-Man India reach “Spider-Gwen” popularity. Story and speculation. The $300 price tag could be a bargain a few months from now or a year from now. Pay attention to the momentum here, kids. It could be that next big speculative Spider character. Look for a brand new Spider-Man India universe to branch out this Wednesday. If a bigger role is to come for this character, a lot of his original materials will come from these issues. There will be plenty of awesome variant covers to choose from. Written by Shukla Nikesh and drawn by Abhishel Malsuni. This may be the start of something very very big, you best be on board for it.     
Marvels Voices Pride (2023) #1 – A new character makes their first appearance. 
Extreme Venomverse #3 – The first appearance of a prehistoric Venom. And introducing the all-new Madame Venom. Oh wait, and the return of Venom Spaceknight. This issue is packed with extreme Venom goodness.

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