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Iron Cat #1 – The first solo series of the hot(?) newer character. Who dons the Iron Cat costume though? Iron Cat first appeared (2020) in Black Cat #11 (armor) and Black Cat #12 (first full appearance and cover appearance). Let’s see how interesting this character can potentially be. Hopefully, readers get a full-throttle background here and writer Jed Mackay delivers. We’re confident Iron Cat will get her due and she’ll make her mark. Aesthetical the character looks total bad-ass, but the eyes do not always equate to an awesome/interesting read. When and if this happens, the character becomes a dud and any aftermarket is done for. Again, writer Jed should deliver here. Pere Perez has delivered with the eye candy already.
The Variants #1 – A very interesting take on the superhero lure. A story told from the multiverse as Jessica Jones meets variations of herself. Jessica will team with her “Variants” en route to an investigation. Will this expand into different characters within the series? Maybe. The first appearances could be and probably will be very prevalent here. And this comic will definitely be a fantastic, well-put-together story because of the amazing Gail Simone. With Phil Noto art? Hell yes.
Avengers #57 – Here we have the biggest get on Wednesday. The first appearance of a glowing pink/purple soldier known as Sgt. Szardos. He’s right there on the cover as well on the bottom there. See him? The obvious speculation comic would be this comic (cover) if he’s not appearing on any of the other covers. It’s safe to assume Sgt. Szardos will grace the cover of the second print all by himself. That’ll be a definite purchase if this character takes off. 
She-Hulk #4 – A first appearance cover. She-Hulk as Spider-Man. Or Spider-Woman. Or Spider-Girl. Yeah, well you get the idea. 
Deathstroke Inc. #10 – A possible sleeper if done right. This issue is being billed as Deathstroke: Year One. Get a deep dive into the deadliest assassin in the DC Universe. Writer Ed Brisson and artist Dexter Soy.

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Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic

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