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Death Of The Venomverse #2 – We gave our readers a heads-up on this one a few weeks ago regarding a possible first (cameo) appearance of Kid Venom (or Venom Boy) on the last page. What we didn’t realize was the last page of the Death Of Venomverse #1 would feature the first appearance of The Symbiote Six. We did warn of the first appearance of someone or something. Well, there you have it. The cameo first appearance of the Symbiote Six, which makes issue two here all the more special really. It’ll not only feature the first appearance of Venom Boy, but it’ll also be the first FULL appearance of The Symbiote Six and the first appearance cover. Yes, this yet-to-be-released comic was a sought-after comic before, it’ll be even more so now. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though.      
Spider-Man #11 – Speaking of Venom Boy (Kid Venom?), this issue will be an important one regarding Spider-Boy. It’ll be the origin issue of Spider-Boy. That’s quite important to say the least, especially if there is a twist about it. You need to be on top of this one too this week. 
Alpha Flight #1 – Back in the ’70s, legendary writers John Byrne and Chris Claremont were changing the game for the X-Men title/team that still reverberates today. They set up the stage for mostly everything that occurs in today’s stories. 42 years after the fact. That’s some serious legendary status sh*t. During their run, there was Uncanny X-Men #121 (1979). It was the very first appearance of a Canadian Superhero team. Their name; Alpha Flight. Four years after that first appearance, Marvel granted writer John Byrne his own team book, and in 1983, Alpha Flight #1 was released. It was a smash hit, but John Byrne only wrote 28 issues before switching off to The Incredible Hulk. The Alpha Flight series survived for another 100+ issues before finally ending in 1994. The series was met with a huge controversy in 1992. Alpha Flight #106 featured the very first Marvel gay character; Northstar. Because of the controversial nature of this revelation, the comic immediately sold out.
The Alpha Flight #1 issue from 1983 was vastly overprinted to meet the demand, thus taking down the aftermarket pricing over time. If Alpha Flight were to ever make it to the silver screen somehow, this comic will take the mantle as the most overprinted/overpriced comic in the market. Taking New Mutants #98‘s spot.
This Wednesday will be the fifth attempt to get this series going. Will it work this time and take this team to new heights once again? Writer Ed Brisson and artist Scott Godlewski have the dubious task of trying to bring this team back to the modern era. 
Disney Villains Hades #1 – The very first time Disney’s Hades will have his own comic story. New from Dynamite Entertainment. 
Tales Of The Titans #2 – Fan favorite Tini Howard takes on the Raven character in this solo story. Tini has written great stories for the Catwoman and Harley Quinn characters. Tini will explore more of Raven’s past here. 

Click on ALL Red-Highlighted LINKS/Comic Covers, to BUY/BID from ALL available eBay sellers








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