Top 5 New Comics This Week 9-13-23

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The Top 5 Speculation/Trending Comics arriving on New Comic Book Day.
New Comics arriving 9/13/23.
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Alligator Loki #1 – When Disney Plus hit us with the Loki series, the last thing viewers expected was the many variants of Loki. The one variant that stuck out and became the social media craze was Alligator Loki. People took a liking to that thing for some reason. Not as big as the Baby Yoda, but it was Disney’s second hit character in as many series. This Wednesday, collectors/readers will receive the very first appearance of Alligator Loki within the Marvel Universe in their own self-titled book. A definite comic to pick up this week. Writer Alyssa Wong and artist Bob Quinn introduce our newest member to the MCU.
Batman And Robin #1 – A new DC Comics series with writer Joshua Williamson and artist Simone Di Meo. DC states there will be a new villain lurking around in this issue, so who knows if we’re getting a cameo or a first full appearance? Maybe we’ll get neither, but that would be a bit of a disappointment, Joshua would make up for it if he pulls this. Get on board with this comic on Wednesday, it’s going to be good no matter what. 
Batman Gargoyle Of Gotham #1 – Rafael Grampa will make his DC Comics writing debut with this potentially ridiculous awesome book. A dark tale that only Rafael can tell. He will also pencil it, so expect a very good Batman story here. There will also be a few first appearances here. 
Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi #1 – The first comic appearance of Reva, the third sister of the Inquisitors. 
Daredevil #1 – A new series starts up once again. Are we up to the 8th number one issue now? Anyway, this new series will feature some comic creator star power. Writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Aaron Kuder. The new series is being described as a Daredevil Reborn story.   








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