Top 5 New Comics 2-21-24

Predator #1 The Last Hunt,  dive into the latest series from Ef Brisson and Francesco Manna, as they bring a new level of thrill and terror to the Predator universe. This reimagined saga is perfect for those ready to be on the edge of their seat, appealing to both new fans and those nostalgic for the hunt. Alien: Black, White & Blood #1 presents a unique anthology that delves into the Alien franchise. With stories from top comic talents, this three-color comic explores the horror and suspense of Alien, offering a distinctive and chilling reading experience. Spawn #350, celebrate a significant milestone with Spawn #350, spotlighted as our Hot Pick Spotlight this week. This issue not only marks a celebration of the series’ longevity but also offers a special Todd McFarlane “Thank You” variant cover, making it a treasure for collectors. Edge Of Spider-Verse #1, step through the doorway to new adventures with the introduction of Weapon VIII in the Spider-Verse. This issue is adorned with fantastic variant covers, including one featuring the new character, Weapon VIII, promising to be a hot pick for fans. Ultimate Spider-Man #2, the return of Marvel’s “Ultimate Universe” comics brings new characters and fresh takes on fan favorites. Ultimate Spider-Man #2 opens up a world of possibilities and is a glimpse into the future of the Ultimate line that shouldn’t be missed.

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