Top 5 New Comics 2-28-24

What if Venom #1 tosses the symbiote into a blender with Marvel’s finest heroes and villains. She-Hulk wearing Venom? Doctor Strange with tentacles? This mini-series by Jeremy Holt and Jesus Hervas is set to spin a web of “What the heck?” moments, complemented by variant covers that scream “collector’s item!” Star Wars Thrawn Alliances #2 throws Thrawn and Darth Vader into the same room, because apparently, the galaxy isn’t big enough for the two of them. Expect strategy, lightsaber duels, and the kind of tension that makes you want to call your mom. Crank up the volume for Spider-Punk Arms Race #1. Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason are about to unleash punk rock chaos in the Spider-Verse. If Spider-Punk’s solo debut is half as rebellious as promised, we’re in for a mosh pit of first appearances and universe-shaking riffs. Avengers Twilight #3 is doing what Avengers do best—showing us a future so bright, we gotta wear shades. With new heroes and villains on the roster, this issue promises a roller coaster ride through Marvel’s next big thing. Miles Morales Spider-Man #17 gears up for the epic #300 with a story that’s all heart, punches, and spider-swinging action. If you’ve been sleeping on Miles’ journey, now’s the time to wake up and smell the web fluid.

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