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The Top 5 Spec/Trending Comics arriving on new comic book day. New Comics arriving 11/23/22.
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Yoda #1 – It’s hard to fathom Star Wars fans first saw Yoda 40 years ago. Even harder to grasp is the fact fans know little to really nothing about his background. For many years, speculation has been the driving force as to where he truly came from. His roots are unknown. Until this Wednesday. We may finally get the true origin of this character. If this is indeed the beginning, the telling of Yoda, not a “year one” story, this will be big. We’re leaning more towards a “year one” story here, so, this will in fact be territory never visited by the Star Wars lure. Expect new characters never heard from to pop up in this arc. Marvel is said to have three story arcs with our Jedi Master. Maybe, just maybe, we’re heading toward the Yoda world no one has ever seen. His birthplace. The true story never told. Writer Cavan Scott begins our Yoda journey together as Nico Leon provides the art. 
Amazing Spider-Man #14 – The very first appearance of a new character named Hallows Eve. From the looks of it, Marvel will be about 24 days late here. Someone timed this all wrong, no? Eh, either way, doesn’t matter really. Marvel promises this villain will be unlike anything you’re expecting. We’re there for it. There will be plenty of variant covers to choose from with Hallows Eve on it.    
Star Wars Revelations #1 – “Changes” are happening to Doctor Aphra and readers get to witness it in this issue. Also, the “future” of Star Wars is set to begin here according to Marvel. Probably an important book moving forward for Star Wars fans. Marc Guggenheim writes and Salvador Larroca pencils.
Avengers Forever #11 – A new Ghost Rider, All-Rider. Bad ass Aaron Kuder cover too.
Deathstroke Inc. #15 – The finale of the Year One storyline. DC promises a big part of Deathstroke’s origin you didn’t see coming. 








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