Top 5 New Comics This Week 10-11-23

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The Top 5 Speculation/Trending Comics arriving on New Comic Book Day.
New Comics arriving 10/11/23.
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Capwolf And The Howling Commandos #1 – We must be close to Halloween. Why else would we see Capwolf showing up? The first number one issue named after him too. Capwolf first appeared in 1992’s Captain America #405. That raw comic sells for less than $15 in most places not looking to rip you off. The silly newsstand copies command a bit more. Plentiful on eBay if you just click the link!     
Amazing Spider-Man #35 – More Spidey stuff this Wednesday. Marvel Comics promises major things going down in this title, all begins here. And check out the Mickey Mouse Spider 300 homage cover. That’s dope. Not too sure if Mickey has already appeared as Spidey in all of the Disney 100 variant covers, but if not, this is a first appearance cover.
Venom #26 – We already covered this comic in our Comic Spotlight post. Here is what we said about it; The hottest new-release comic this week will be this one. Marvel states that Black Widow will become a new Venom Symbiote….. permanently. And it all happens in this comic. The eye appeal of the new upgrade(?) is definitely a winner, comic fans will and do dig it. Although Black Widow becomes Black Widow Venom or whatever name she’ll go by, she first appeared on a few spoiler variant covers a few issues ago. Venom #23 to be precise. So, that makes the latest Venom issue this week her first full appearance as the variant covers mentioned were teasers and or a cameo as some would like to refer to.  Either way, we have you covered, you can click on Venom #23 or Venom #26. And who knows too, Venom #26 may pull a cameo last page, making the following issue, Venom #27, as the first full appearance. Do your own homework here, but click any of our red highlights or covers and hoard your issues now before it’s too late.
Batman And Robin #2 – The first full appearance of a new villain, her name is Shush.  
Wolverine #38 – First appearance New Champions variant cover. Bad ass looking character. 

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