Top 5 New Comics This Week 10-4-23

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The Top 5 Speculation/Trending Comics arriving on New Comic Book Day.
New Comics arriving 10/4/23.
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Please note: New comic book releases and all items are subject to change.
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Star Wars The High Republic – Shadows Of Starlight #1 – A new Star Wars saga with the very first comic book appearance of Soleil Agra. She appears on a variant cover. That would be the one to snag. And look for possible other first appearances as well.
Ghost Rider Annual #1 – A Halloween-type story that sets the “foundation for the future of the Ghost Rider”.
Alien Annual #1 – Marvel’s first Alien Annual. Will it contain a first appearance? Maybe.
The New Champions variant covers begin to arrive this Wednesday. These covers are pointed out by Marvel themselves as first appearance covers (thanks to us for coining this term as collector pieces years ago. You’re welcome Marvel). So, for the next four weeks, comic collectors will endure the sights of “younger” versions of various heroes and villains within the Marvel Universe. Marvel explains they are riding on the coattails of the recent Spider-Boy popularity with the younger/fresher look. None, most, of the characters on these covers will ever see the light of day again after their one-and-done cover. A great marketing scheme by Marvel to see which aesthetically pleasing eye appeal will hit the hardest with fans. Whether that is one or five or NONE at all remains to be seen, literally. If collectors go ga-ga over a specific cover (character), expect a big payday on the speculative side. We’re going to bring you the new character covers every week and you decide for yourself which has the possible potential of aftermarket bliss. We’ll choose the Peach Momoko X-Men character this week, you? Here are the four new arrivals this week, with SIX new arrivals next week, and eight the following week. Yikes. X-Men #27Black Panther #5Fantastic Four #12Doctor Strange #8.

Ranger Academy #1 – It’s as though InvestComics has been here before. Actually, we have. You see, three years ago we informed our speculators of a book named Strange Academy #1 from Marvel Comics. We said many things about that new release at the time (2020). We come with receipts, check out a few snippets….
*Just like we told you last week Strange Academy will be a huge property……
*Speculators listen up. There is a big sleeper book among you and its name is Strange Academy #1. This comic, this series, will be very successful….
*Do not sleep on this. So, while you have time off and hoarding some cash, buy up some Strange Academy #1….
*Doctor Strange opens school on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2020. What a fantastic idea for a comic series. Look for this comic to hit its stride immediately with comic fans.
So, back in 2020, we made a bunch of speculators on here some cold hard cash. We still do, but this, right now, is for the sole purpose of maybe hitting the jackpot once again for our fans.
This new offering/story, from Boom Studios has the potential of cascading our Strange Academy comic speculation. It truly does. The Power Rangers lure has a very large fanbase and this comic will reach beyond that. The new series will focus on the “training” to become a Power Ranger. Not only has this story never been visited in this way, but the possibilities here as far as the upside are tremendous. Think about all of the new characters about to be introduced, the true origins of each color Ranger, and then the biggest uptick will be either an animation series or better yet a movie based on this idea/story. This Boom Studios comic series will be explosive with readers and more so, the speculator. Imagine if you will, a serious film based on the Power Rangers. It begins here. Do yourself a favor and pick up each new release and do not forget our contribution tabs below (wink-wink).
Actually, before buying the new release, purchase the Free Comic Book Day issue first. That will be the true bag. Click on the cover NOW and grab one before it’s way too late.

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