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The Top 5 Speculation/Trending Comics arriving on New Comic Book Day. New Comics arriving 11/29/23.
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X-Men Blue: Origins #1 – The Nightcrawler character first appeared in Giant X-Men #1 in 1975. For math purposes, that was 48 years ago. That 50-year anniversary is fast approaching.  We’re not a betting group, but we would bet house money that’ll be when the Disney X-Men movie drops, what say you? Anyway, of the 48 years of Nightcrawler, readers have never received a definitive origin of the blue guy. That all changes this Wednesday. Comic readers and collectors will finally be given a true explanation of who, what, where, when, and how. The holy grail of X-Men Comics (besides X-Men #94 of course) is in fact the Giant Size X-Men #1. A signed Chris Claremont 9.6 grade sold for 13k recently. That’s quite badass. A whopping 13k+ CGC grades sit out there. 246 hold the highest spot at 9.8 (10 signature series). 446 hold the 9.6 spot (20 signature series). The sig series jumps immensely below the 9.0 line. That’s expected for a comic of this age. If ever you can get your hands on this comic, no matter what condition, get it. It’s going to go to the stratosphere when Disney hits us in year 50 with a blockbuster X-Men film. You’ll see. The writer for the Nightcrawler origin tale will be Steve Spurrier (we approve) and artist Wilton Santos. You’ll want to stay on top of this story if they borrow anything for the movie.        
Howard The Duck #1 – A 50th-anniversary one-shot with an all-star comic creator cast; writers Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Kibblesmith, and artist Joe Quinones. That lineup alone would have us purchasing this comic, but wait, there’s more! Throw in a guaranteed first appearance and now you really have our money. Yep, the first appearance of Peeper. Howard first appeared in Fear #19. A 9.6 CGC recently sold for $900. No love for the duck at all here. A poor total grade showing at only 1375 copies with 37 in the 9.8 spot, and 91 at the 9.6 spot. Quackadee f*****g quack whack. 
Predator Vs. Wolverine #3 – The third installment of the Predator in the Marvel Universe world. We’ve gone over this time and time again, but for the people in the back…..This Predator vs. Wolverine comic is an introduction of sorts (not cannon) of Predator into the Marvel U. When the Predator somehow jumps onto this current timeline, this battle will be looked at a bit differently. Yes, it’s a different timeline (they say), but it is the first battle with a Marvel character, and who’s to say one of them won’t feel something about it in this timeline? The point is, to be on top of this franchise when it finally merges with the current line. Predator vs. Venom is not too far behind, neither is Venom vs Alien, nor is Predator vs. Alien vs. Venom. Some of, if not all of that will eventually happen. 
Titans Beast World #1 – Seems like DC is all in here with this event story and it’ll probably produce some odd new heroes and villains in the process. Most, if not all will transform into some sort of beast/animal. The whole story focal point here will be on……you guessed it, Beast Boy! Looking forward to what comes of this. Writer Tom Taylor, and artists Danny Miki and Ivan Reis start things off. 
Spider-Woman #1 – A Gang War First Strike comic that features the first appearance of a new villain and a new Spider team as well. Spider-Woman first appeared 46 years ago in Marvel Spotlight #32. A 9.8 CGC grade sold for only $2,200 recently. That’s disrespectful. Well, so many dang copies out there are graded, so there’s that. Over 5400, with 248 sitting at a 9.8. Almost 700 at a 9.6. But 248 9.8’s don’t seem like a lot though considering this comic’s age. So, we’ll go with lack of respect then.  










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