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20 years ago – Marvel outsourced to the Event Comics publisher back in 1998, owned by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti at the time, to create ‘new’ content for Marvel. Marvel Comics had already filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy at the time and realized Event Comics’ were having success in distributing interesting content (selling comics), Joe and Jimmy were doing something right. They summoned for their help. Thus the “Marvel Knights” imprint was born in 1998. What did ever become of Joe and Jimmy? Hope they found their way…….
Modern day – so, with that extremely brief synopsis, Marvel Knights will be making a comeback this Wednesday. It’s been 20 years since its debut and fans will get treated once again to the exciting alternate Marvel superhero world; Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary #1. HOT writer Donny Cates and artist Travel Foreman. The original debut of Marvel Knights back in 1998 was a bevy of super-talent within the industry. Names like Bernie Wrightson, Jae Lee, Mark Texeira, Kevin Smith, Paul Jenkins, among many more. Marvel Knights Sketchbook (1998) was the first look at this new universe and fans loved it. It was the beginning of the resurrection for Marvel Comics. Thanks to Quesada and Palmiotti. These two guys, along with their creative teams, deserve much of the credit for resuscitating a company and an industry with a much needed breathe of fresh air. Thanks guys!

Marvel Knights 20th
Marvel Knights 1998
Daredevil #254
Infinity Wars #5
Typhoid Fever #1

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Loki introduces his new team in full force; Infinity Wars #5. Meet “Loki’s Cosmic Avengers.” What, no Cosmic Ghost Rider? Do you hear the fanboys screaming yet?
Typhoid Fever X-Men #1 features the awesome villain Typhoid Mary. Back in springtime of 2008, our old site InvestComics was slaying it (as usual) and recommended Daredevil #254 (1988). This comic is the first appearance of Typhoid Mary. At the time was found in the one-dollar boxes. Maybe even in some 50 cent boxes. A CGC 9.8 sold for $349+ a couple of weeks ago. Yeah-yeah, InvestComics was the innovator.
Never too early for turkey! Or the longest comic book title of the week! Marvel Super Hero Adventures Captain Marvel #1 Mealtime Mayhem. That’s a mouthful. Writer Seanan McGuire and artist Mario del Pennino.
Superstar writer Grant Morrison begins the dubious task of igniting a much-needed spark for the Green Lantern character with a relaunch; Green Lantern #1. Artist Liam Sharp joins this party. Look for this comic to trend as Grant and Liam start GL on a new journey.

Punchline #1
Green Lantern #1
Outer Darkness #1
Doctor Who 13th #1
Empty Man #1

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Trending Pop Culture Indie Hot Picks; Some Indie comics (small press) do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after.
Antarctic Press has a very big hit on their hands. A sold-out Punchline #1. Writer Bill Williams and artist Matthew Weldon.
The thirteenth doctor gets her own comic. Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor #1 from Titan Comics. Along with the release comes 13 variant covers. One of our favorites, Babs Tarr (pictured in this article). Writer Jody Houser with artists Enrica Eren Angiolini and Rachael Stott bring number thirteen to life in the funny books.
Outer Darkness #1 (Image Comics) from writer John Layman (Chew) and artist Afu Chan.
Writer Cullen Bunn, with artist Jesus Hervas; Empty Man #1 (Boom Studios).

Wonder Woman

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5 Star Horror – Jason VoorheesFunko
Nightmare On Elm Street 4 Dream Master Freddy Krueger ARTFX Statue Kotobukiya
DC Superfriends Best Of Heroes Action Figure – SupermanFigures Toy Co.
DC Superfriends Best Of Heroes Action Figure – Wonder WomanFigures Toy Co.

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