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Here are this week’s top trending comic books and new items headed your way this Wednesday 12-19-18
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DC Comics will go back to the well twice this Wednesday. In no particular order, Batman And The Outsiders #1 from 1981 featured batman legends Mike W. Barr (writer) and Jim Aparo (artist). The series, surprisingly, lasted only 46 issues. This week, DC summons writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Dexter Soy for the third go-around of Batman And The Outsiders #1. Third time is a charm! In 1976, Freedom Fighters #1 debuted with Gerry Conway writing and Ric Estrada penciling. In 2018 we get a twelve part series; Freedom Fighters #1 from Robert Venditti and Eddy Barrows.
Since the debut of Lobo’s daughter in Teen Titans #20, fans have been wondering about her background. Well, wonder no more. In Teen Titans #25, fans will get the secret origin of Crush.
The new Aquaman movie will hit theaters on Friday. So, what better way to celebrate within the comic book industry? Gather a new creative team on the Aquaman series. Aquaman #43; writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Robson Rocha.

Batman Outsiders #1 1981
Batman Outsiders #1 2018
Freedom Fighters #1 2018
Freedom Fighters #1 1976
Aquaman #1

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Black Panther vs, Deadpool #3 features the villain Jack O’ Lantern. Marvel asks the question “But which Lantern?” Well, since there are five to choose from, we’re going choose the last active one, which first appeared in Dark Reign Made Men #1 in 2009.
It looks as though Spider-Verse may wrap in Spider-Geddon #5. Never say never though, right?
Amazing Spider-Man #12 either reveals the mysterious villain following Spidey around or it drops more clues. We’re going with the latter.

Infinity Fallen #1
Infinity Wars #6
Teen Titans #20
Teen Titans #25
Spider-Geddon #5

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After a couple of weeks of solo series’ (a’la Netflix), The Defenders finally show up together in the same comic; The Defenders The Best Defense #1. Writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett.
Marvel toys with the idea of Frank Castle going to the dark side. We’re not talking Tony Moore’s  FrankenCastle, we’re talking Hydra. Check out The Punisher #5, as Marvel promises the ending of the comic will “change the entire game.”

Black Panther Deadpool #3
Champions #19
Champions Annual #1
Dark Reign #1
Defenders #1

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Infinity Wars Fallen Guardian #1 coincides with Infinity Wars #6. In Infinity Wars #6, a Guardians of The Galaxy member is supposed to make the ultimate sacrifice. In Infinity Wars Fallen Guardian #1, the mourning begins. Who will bite the dust? You best believe the fanboy speculation sites will be all over this one if they deem it necessary or important enough to hype. Remember, it has nothing to do with a movie announcement or someone’s junk, so it may not be that important to them. That said, in the real comic collector’s world, this should trend due to the demise of any of the Guardians characters. We have a feeling that the death in comics will start to sway a bit as characters may ‘stay dead’. We’ll see. Stay close to this one if you want to be in the know. Introduced earlier this year in Champions #19, Snowguard will be the focus in Champions Annual #1. A semi-origin issue if you will. Writer Jim Zub and artist Marcus To.

Punisher #5
Amazing Spider-Man #12
Lady Death #1
Hardcore #1
Betty & Veronica #1

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Trending Pop Culture Indie Hot Picks; Some Indie comics (small press) do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after.
Antarctic Press, taking the whole Barack/Trump battle to another level. Check out Barack Panther vs. The Tremendous Trump #1 from creator Kelsey Shannon.
Lady Death Gallery #1 from Coffin Comics; J. Scott Campbell will be the artist here. Ridiculous eye-candy covers along with limited initial orders as well as each comic having a serial number makes this a nice collectors piece. It also comes bagged and boarded for extra protection, coolness and lazy as**s. The covers alone will see the social media trending frenzy. Also, from Coffin Comics this week, Lady Death Hellraiders #1. Writers Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean and artist Dheeraj Verma.
Archie Comics relaunches an oldie but a goodie; Betty & Veronica #1. The new story will take us a year before their senior year in high school. Should be more hijinks and the beginnings of chasing after a certain red-head. The new series is brought to you by Jamie L. Rotante, Kelly Fitzpatrick and Sandra Lanz.
Livewire #1 (Valiant Entertainment); creators, Vita Ayala, Patricia Martin and Raul Allen.
Hardcore #1 (Image Comics); New series from writer Andy Diggle, artists Adriano Lucas and Alessandro Vitti.
Scrimshaw #1 (AlternaComics); Creators Eric Borden and Dave Mims.
Love Town #1 (Devils Due); Matt Yuan and Josh Yuan.

LD Hellraiders #1
Barack vs. Trump #1
Livewire #1
Love Town #1
Scrimshaw #1

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One Piece Flag Diamond Ship – PerhonaBanpresto
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Thor Ragnarok EAA-054 Hulk Previews Exclusive Action FigureBeast Kingdom
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