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Here are this week’s top trending comic books and new items headed your way this Wednesday 1-30-19
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Everything old, is new again. Marvel Comics has proven this little saying to be quite true in recent years with so many of their newer releases. A constant stroll down memory lane with characters (dead or alive) coming back, old comic titles coming back, relaunch titles, and rehashing old storylines. One other thing they like to do is make some of their characters “old” by simply placing the word “old” in front of the word “man” (not “woman”….YET) and just like that you have a new title. Star Lord is the latest Marvel hero to get the “old” treatment, because comic fans are very interested in seeing their beloved characters with big white beards. Old Man Quill #1, written by Ethan Sacks and drawn by Robert Gill. Although the fun sarcasm within the text here, of course we are looking forward to a great story. If you’re a regular from these here parts of Trending Pop Culture, you will know we touched on a theory regarding Marvel’s sudden love for the western (and horror) genre. They’re celebrating the companies’ 80th anniversary by bringing on some of their old titles from yesteryear, but why are they honing into the early 70’s western and horror comics? That was almost 50 years ago, not 80. Disney never does anything without a reason. We think a tester is happening to see if the comic market is ready for a resurgence of the two said genres. If these new titles hitting for 3 weeks now sell well, fans will see more of them. If not, they won’t. Equate this to film possibilities. Disney may have put out an exploratory marketing campaign to see if a resurgence is ready for the big screen too. As we are now Trending Pop Culture, InvestComics was the pioneering speculative website that everyone built upon for a reason. The first site in 2005, nothing like it. We are no longer a deep product of the speculation market. Too much of the same thing saturated the internet, everyone became a comic book speculation guru. But, every once in a while, we may drop a nugget and move along. We’ll spell things out for you. If we were still InvestComics, we’d be informing real speculators to hit those 5 for a $1 boxes and get some of those first appearances and number one books within the western and horror genre. We’ll get you started. Western comics HERE and Horror comics HERE. You really have nothing to lose by adding some first appearances or number one issues into your collection. Never know, maybe one of the speculation sites or gurus will announce a KEY comic, it’ll be overpriced before you know it. Now back to the regular scheduled post. In 1972 (47 years ago, not 80) Marvel released Gunhawks. Written by the late great Gary Friedrich. The series lasted seven issues. This Wednesday, to celebrate their 80th year, Marvel releases Gunhawks #1. Writers David Lapham and Maria Lapham. Illustrations by Luca Pizzari. Gitty-up! A relaunch occurs for Marvel this Wednesday too, so they officially have the trifecta going. A new “old man”, a new number one title from the past and a relaunch. The relaunch is Daredevil #1 with Chip Zdarsky pulling double duty as writer and penciler. Marco Checchetto also pencils.
Tony Stark: Iron Man #8 promises to be a “game changer” according to Marvel. The story is named “Digital Demon In a Bottle”. Wait, doesn’t this fall under the rehashing storylines? Well, no…? Maybe It’s just another take on the old Demon in a Bottle storyline. Maybe it’s a continuation, so wait….ah nevermind.

Daredevil #1
Uncanny X-Men #11
Old Man Quill #1
Gunhawks #1 2019
Gunhawks #1 1972

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Uncanny X-Men #11 will be delivered with a bunch of useless variants this week. However, there’s a Rob Liefeld Wolverine variant that seems to have tickled the fancy of many fanboys.
A new Star Wars series starts up; Star Wars: Age Of Republic – Anakin Skywalker #1. Writer Jody Houser and artist Cory Smith.

Tony Stark Iron Man #8
Superman 100 Page
Green Lantern #4
Female Furies #1
Batman #64

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Writer Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern #4 is supposedly going to turn the title on its head. Four issues in. That’s early. Look for Morrison fans and Lantern fans to keep an eye out on this one.
A new miniseries starts up for DC this week; Female Furies #1. Writer Cecil Castellucci and artist Adriana Melo.
Batman #64 will begin the new story “The Last Cold Case”. It arrives with a ridiculously cool sideways cover by Sean Murphy. Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Guillem March.
DC reprints “the greatest Superman story” Marv Wolman has ever written. This according to Marv himself. Superman: 100 Page Spectacular #1. The book collects a story Mr. Wolman wrote in 2006-2009; Superman Confidential.

Star Wars Anakin #1
Vindication #1
Sierra Muerte #1
God Mode #1
Randomveus #1

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Trending Pop Culture Indie Hot Picks; Some Indie comics (small press) do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after. A couple of titles delayed from last week that deserve a second mention this week; Lady Death: Apocalyptic Abyss #1 (Coffin Comics). Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean and Dheeraj Verma. God Of Bad Men #1 (Amigo Comics); Collen Douglas and Chris Zero…..
New G.I. Joe series written and drawn by Michel Fiffe, G.I. Joe Sierra Muerte #1. From IDW.
God Mode #1 (Keenspot); Mike Rosenzweig, Jason Swoboda and Remy Eisu Mokhtar.
Oberon #1 from AfterShock comics is almost sold out. Ryan Parrott and Milos Slavkovic.
From Udon, Randomveus ODC #1 is almost sold out as well. Creators Leonard Bermingham and Jeffrey Chamba Cruz.
New mini-series from Image Comics; Vindication #1. Md Marie and Carlos Miko.

Lady Death #1
God of Bad Men #1
Oberon #1

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Trending items arriving this Wednesday. Most are sold out. Click on the RED links or the image to buy/bid on these hot items via eBay from ALL available sellers.
Joker Gotham City Nightmare Collection 20-inch StatueSideshow Collectibles
Marvel Comics Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figure X-23Square Enix
DC Wonder Woman Mythologies Figurine Collection Magazine #6 Divine ArmorEaglemoss Publications
Overwatch Widowmaker Figma Action FigureGood Smile Company
Star Wars Character Line 112 Kit – Death TrooperBandai Hobby
Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Movie Masterpiece Series 11.41-Inch Action Figure –  Hot Toys

Luke Skywalker
Wonder Woman
Death Trooper

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