Ultimate Loeb!

Marvel finally formally announced Jeph Loeb’s two Ultimate books, New Ultimates with Frank Cho, and Ultimate X with Art Adams.

Jeph Loeb blew the shit out of the Ultimate Universe in Ultimatum, but ever since he’s been pretty quiet, the UU has been left in the capable hands of Bendis and Millar, but now, at the Diamond Retailer summit, Marvel have announced his 2 new titles. New Ultimates with Frank Cho, and Ultimate X with Art Adams.

First up, New Ultimates , which will be about the only superhero team left in the Ultimate Universe, and are brought together by Tony Stark, and will not involve the players in Mark Millar’s Ultimate Avengers, such as Nick Fury. The New Ultimates will first face the forces of Asgard, and Loki. Loeb also promises to tackle the fallout of Giant-Man and Wasp’s relationship, even though they are both, well dead.

New Ultimates art by Frank Cho. Boobs!

Next up is Ultimate X , which is not exactly an X-Men book.

"This isn’t a book about
mutants, superheroes or anything you’re expecting. It’s about life in
the Ultimate U after a devastating event, and the hard choices we make
for the greater good," the writer stated matter-of-factly. "I can’t go
into too many specifics without giving up the entire thing. What I can
say is that, this is a difficult time in the UU, post ‘Ultimatum.’ Like
with any great disaster in the real world, this is a time of healing
and rebuilding. Mutants have been outlawed. Captain America is a fugitive. The Fantastic Four have gone their own ways. This might
be the perfect time for ‘evil’ to seize the opportunity. ‘Ultimate X’
will address these issues."

Loeb also mentioned the book was more like his old series’ like Batman: The Long Halloween, is this a return to the half-decent Loeb of old?

New Ultimates art by Art Adams!

I’m conflicted about this news, I mean, Ultimatum was terrible, I mean, Final Crisis-level shit, but the art here is good, and Loeb is promising a different style than usual. Hmmmm.

Head over to CBR for more info and interviews with the Loeb.

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