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Writer Wes Locher wrote to InvestComics asking us to take a look at his Kickstarter project and wanted to know if we would help him spread the word. One look at this project and it was a no brainer. Unit 44 looks awesome!! Check out the full details on the rewards, video, and other very cool things that aren’t below by clicking right HERE. This will take you directly to the Unit 44 Kickstarter page.  

Back this project up, Wes and Eduardo have put together a fantastic book here!

When Area 51 employees Gibson & Hatch forget to pay the rent on their storage unit, the secret contents are sold at public auction.

The Comic

Unit 44 is the story of Area 51 employees, Agent Gibson and Agent Hatch, who forget to pay the rent on the facility’s off-site storage unit, and the super-secret contents are sold at public auction. When an alien invasion threatens the safety of planet Earth, Gibson and Hatch must recover an item from the locker if they hope to stop the extraterrestrial threat.

The idea for the comic hit when writer Wes Locher found himself hopelessly engrossed in an episode of “Storage Wars” on TV (a show about people who purchase the contents of storage units where the owner has stopped paying the rent, and try to turn a profit from whatever they find inside — it sucks you in!). He couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if instead of a room full of useless junk, the buyers inadvertently found themselves with a unit full of government secrets.

That was a story that Wes wanted to read. More importantly, it was one he also wanted to write.

Unit 44 is being developed as a 4-issue miniseries and collected graphic novel. This Kickstarter will fund the creation and printing of the 88-page, full-color comic book.

Check out the first five pages of the series below!

Unit 44 Preview:

(Click the images if you’d like them to be a bit bigger. Can’t have you getting eye strain on our account.)







Did you get a kick out of the first fives pages of Unit 44?

Remember…YOU have the power to make the full 88-page series a reality! Let’s have some fun!

The Creators:

Wes Locher is the writer of the upcoming comic books NEW LIFE (from publisher 215 Ink), CHAMBERS, and THE UNDOUBTABLES. In addition, he’s the author of the book MUSINGS ON MINUTIAE, a collection of humorous essays, and has written sci-fi, crime, survival, spy and public domain-themed comic shorts for THE GATHERING anthologies from GrayHaven Comics.

Eduardo Jimenez is a freelance digital artist residing in Costa Rica. He specializes in comic art and children’s book illustrations.

The Kickstarter:

All money raised for the project will go toward the creation of issues #1-4 of Unit 44 which is a fully self-contained story arc. The funds will go toward Ed’s freelance fees, they’ll aid in the printing of the issues and collected editions they’ll help provide a small print run of copies to promote the book at upcoming conventions and local comic shops. We want everyone to see this book and enjoy a comic that’s a lot of fun!

Any money raised beyond the initial goal will allow us to print issues and trade paperbacks with higher quality paper stock and after getting a look at them, people will have no choice but to assume that we are consummate professionals. If things really take off with our funding, we’ll add additional art and backup stories to the book. Beyond that? Who knows! We’d love nothing more than to continue the adventures of Gibson and Hatch and with your help, it could happen!

The Rewards:

Whether you prefer to read your comics digitally, or hold them in your hands while curled up on your favorite chair, a hot cup of cocoa nearby (hey, this is a judgment-free zone), we have numerous ways for you to read and enjoy Unit 44. Rewards include PDF copies of the issues and trade paperbacks as well as physical books and hardcovers. We’re even putting together a behind-the-scenes look at the project with the Unit 44 script book which will declassify the original scripts, give a peek at concept art and character designs and Wes and Ed will share fun anecdotes about the book’s production process.

Since those who support comics projects on Kickstarter are typically creators themselves, we added some great rewards to help you in your storytelling journey!

One lucky backer will have their comic book script or short story edited by Yannick Morin of the Image Comics title, EPIC KILL. He and Wes will do two passes on your story and provide in-depth feedback to make it the best that it can be!

Want to show the world that you’re the next big thing in comics?

Since you helped Wes and Ed make their comic, they’ll help YOU make a comic! Eduardo will pencil, ink and color your five page story and Wes will help you edit your script and letter the finished pages. You’ll have a print-ready story just waiting to be unleashed on the world.

Thanks for checking out our Kickstarter and for your support in bringing Unit 44 to life. We’re excited that you’re excited.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The story for Unit 44 is complete and the scripts have been written. After funding, the project will be passed to series artist Eduardo Jimenez to be drawn, inked and colored and then back to Wes to be lettered. As long as Eduardo and Wes remain in good health, the prospective printer for the book stays afloat and the United States Postal Services doesn’t go out of business, we anticipate a quick completion and delivery for the series.

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