Valiant/Jim Shooter Lawsuit News

A lawsuit by Valiant Comics accuses Jim Shooter of intellectual theft and corporate espionage.

Valiant Entertainment has recently been publishing reprints of early Valiant entertainment stories featuring new stories written by Jim Shooter, but a recent lawsuit alleges that Shooter was more heavily involved in this project than as just a writer.

Our favorite comic book website (besides our own), Bleeding Cool , has gotten their hands on a copy of the lawsuit, which says that Jim Shooter was actually contracted as the Editor in Chief of Valiant for a planned relaunch of the Valiant Universe, which relied on the acquisition of the rights to Magnus Robot Fighter, Solar Man of The Atom and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

Unfortunately for Valiant, Shooter apparently had a backup plan. When it came time for bidding, Dark Horse won, and announced a new line of comics featuring those characters, headed up by… Jim Shooter! Shooter quickly pulled his involvement out of Valiant.

In addition, it seems that Shooter is accused of removing confidential documents from Valiant offices, sharing Valiant’s creative ideas about the characters with Dark Horse, and even purposely delaying Valiant’s completion of the deals for the characters in order to allow Dark Horse to steal them away.


Source: Bleeding Cool

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