Venture Bros. returns in August

The awesomest cartoon ever will return in August with the second half of Season 4, and the finale will be an hour long! Insert quote here!

I love the Venture Bros. You love the Venture Bros. We all love the Venture Bros. Which is why the wait for the second half of the current, fourth season is torture. But now we have some dates, some timeframes! On his blog , Jackson Publick has said that new episodes should commence in August, and that the finale will be an hour long.

According to some other blogs and apparently the adultswim website, we’re supposed to be premiering in August. I say this because I haven’t been told an official date by anyone yet. But August sounds about right.

After spending January re-writing the finale script–and February and March designing and storyboarding it–we are currently editing the animatic for what will be a Very Special Venture Bros. Season Finale Hour-Long Extravaganza.

So there we go. Some news, at least. He also discusses the dvd release of S4, and the release of some Action Figures.

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Posted originally: 2010-03-30 19:38:24

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